The Presence 2

Manifesting in Presence – know and live your greatest truth

Sat 18th – Sun 19th August 2012
Registration 9.30am | 10.00am to 5pm

Crows Nest Community Centre
2 Ernest Place Crows Nest
Level 2 – Johnson Room/Hall

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From ‘The Presence 1’ you move to ‘The Presence 2’ where you begin to KNOW that you are creator. In this deep and transformative program with Isira you will:

  • Directly experience your inner power and consciousness – pure heart awareness, your ‘seat’ of power and Presence
  • Be able to manifest your dreams, consciously, from your inner power
  • Transform and dissipate unconscious manifesting loops and circumstances

Isira guides and teaches you specific energetic and meditative practices that align you directly with the power to manifest consciously. You will learn how to:

  • Use Full Phase Breathing as a precursor to anchoring into deep Presence. This technique is an ancient practice from the time of Shambala, based on sacred geometry and quantum energy. This practice leads to highly enlightened states.
  • Move from the state you intend and create that which your heart desires.
  • Anchor into your individual power centre, the source of ‘you’ physically here – your authentic self manifesting (Tan Tien) as pure beingness, from the ‘root’ of you. This enables you to remain deeply steady as living Presence in the world.
  • Be anchored as consciousness and energy in your centres of pure awareness and power. This enables you to maintain centredness in the ‘now’ which is consciousness and pure energy.

You will begin to know and live your greatest truth!

“Truth lights the candle of all our dreams and hopes – but it is only when you KNOW and LIVE the truth that it makes all those dreams and hopes REAL.” Isira.

What is the difference between The Presence 1 and The Presence 2?

“The Presence 1” is about awakening in Presence and experiencing the freedom of your true Self. It has three core elements:

  • Awakening to the pure conscious Self
  • Awakening and integrating through the un-conditioned senses – free of our stored projections.
  • Anchoring into the ’seat’ of the pure conscious self.

“The Presence 2” is about manifesting in Presence and knowing and living your greatest truth. It’s two core elements are:

  • Anchoring into your individual power centre, the source of ‘you’ physically here – your authentic self manifesting (Tan Tien). You are anchored as consciousness and energy in your ’seat’ of beingness, the ‘root’ of you. This is the centre that is the ‘now’ which is consciousness and pure energy.
  • Integrating the state of being anchored in your ‘seat’ of pure consciousness and the ‘seat of power.

Practical Requirements

You must have attended ‘The Presence 1’ in the last 3 years to participate in this program. Please contact Living Awareness if you need to confirm your recent attendance.

At the completion of the program you will be given:

  • The Presence 2 – downloadable audio


Bookings close Wednesday 15 August 2012.
Full price $500

Discount of $60 off these prices if you have attended this program in the last 3 years. *Proof of concession to be sent to our email address.

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Please email or call Serena to give you details about coupon discounts and pricing before you make your payment.

Full and Part Scholarships

For those who have a deep calling to be with Isira but do not have the financial means to attend this program with her, we are offering full and part scholarship. Click here for more information.

Scholarships are financed with funds generated through donations and fees at Isira’s events.


If you are travelling from interstate or overseas, we have prepared a list of accommodation ideas to assist you in finding somewhere to stay. Click here for your copy.


I have experience Presence 2 as an extremely powerful and transformative program. The tools of true Self Empowerment are given in easily absorbed stages and flowing sequence so that by the end of the weekend we have exactly what we need to make life changing permanent shifts and be the change we want to see.


I have repeated several programs now but each one is unique and valuable in new ways. I feel I could repeat these events dozens of times and still get enormous value. Thank you once again. Endless thanks.


I had my first emotional breakthrough today, the first time I have actually cried in such a long time.


This weekend was full of information that can be used in our daily lives. Isira’s guidance is very clear and easy to follow, her love and gentleness always shines through. She is a true inspiration and a shining light for us to follow.


I came in a state of collapse. I found my strength, my purpose in life uplifted again. I have the courage to go back into my life again and keep going. I feel empowered with the LOVE, the TRUTH, the WAY that Isira teaches me. Thank you for answering my prayers.


Thank you so much Isira. You always challenge me and every time my heart opens that little bit more.


Presence 2 has given me powerful tools to transform, process and manifest. It has taught me how to bring divinity and true self back into situations where stories once held sway.