The Presence 1

Awakening in Presence – Experience the freedom of your true Self

A transformative meditation program

Sat 6th –  Sun 7th October 2012
Registration 9.30am | 10.00am to 5pm

Hilton Community Centre, The Progress Hall
34 Paget Street
Hilton WA 6163

In this potent, powerful and life-changing program with Isira you will be given clear and effective tools to:

  • Transform pain, past hurts, blocks and other challenges
  • Bring love and awareness into your everyday life and relationships now
  • Go forward in living a life of peace, happiness and liberation

Isira will teach you clear steps to utilise the kundalini, through breath work, meditation, awakening and integrating your senses, and anchoring into the centre of your pure conscious self. You will:

  • Align with specific energies and become fully present, fully alive and awakefully aware. Experience the pure conscious Self.
  • Learn to recognise the energy of being totally present now, living in The Presence, and also the energetic cues for when you forget. This is vital to attain a true state of transformation and awakening. You will also learn how to switch from unconscious cues to conscious presence.
  • Be shown how to integrate the living stillness and the living flow of kundalini energy into your everyday life. Re-awaken pure, source energy.
  • Receive Shaktipat. This is a potent activation and acceleration of conscious awakening through the transmission of direct liberation energy. This powerful energy transmission activates, supports and amplifies your deepest potential and essence of Self Awakening.
  • Be truly in your power… living in the now, living in The Presence.

Your whole life will be changed – for the better!

Through meditation and awareness the practice focuses on integrating the state of Presence  and conscious energy – so that you become the actual experience. This anchors the tools of The Presence as a living application to respond to life from your liberated Self. No longer do you have to remain in the meditation room to be present.

Although there are no “instant coffee” solutions to anyone’s journey, with your dedication and willingness to apply the simple tools in everyday living, your life will become filled with Peace, Love, Truth and Freedom.

Practical Requirements

At the completion of the program you will be given:

  • The Presence 1 – Downloadable audio


Earlybird and Member/ Concession discounts close Thursday 30 August 2012.
Member/Concession $435
Earlybird $450

Bookings close Friday 28 September 2012.
Full price $500

Discount of $60 off these prices if you have attended this program in the last 3 years. * Proof of concession to be sent to our email address.

To join as a member click here.

Please email or call Serena to give you details about coupon discounts and pricing before you make your payment.

Full or Part Scholarships

For those who have a deep calling to be with Isira but do not have the financial means to attend this program with her, we are offering at least one full scholarship and some part scholarships. If you are applying for a part scholarship please advise us of this and what you are able to pay as a contribution for your attending.

If you would like to apply please send us an email by Early bird date to In your email please detail why you would like to attend this program and your financial circumstances. Applications that meet the scholarship criteria will be eligible.  The person will be selected and notified via email shortly after the application closing date.

Scholarships are financed with funds generated through donations and fees at Isira’s events. More info on scholarships.

Accommodation (for Sydney Programs only)

If you are travelling from interstate or overseas, we have prepared a list of Sydney accommodation ideas to assist you in finding somewhere to stay. Click here for your copy.


It’s simple, it’s profound and it works. 


Loving, clear, concise, practical enlightenment. I recommend all to attend. It should be taught in schools.


Daily life will be filled with calm, peace and purity. Everyone could benefit from the Isira experience!


The more I learn with Isira, the more certain I am that she is instrumental in changing the WORLD. 


I didn’t want it to end! I feel calmer, lighter, freer, hopeful – The Presence is exactly what I have been looking for…I feel excited that something so simple can be life changing.  


I felt a large shift in my consciousness from being totally in the head (mind) to being able to truly connect/rest my attention totally in my body- especially the heart chamber… It’s as though I’ve woken from a sleep and now there is a real choice in whether I want to fall back into believing the stories/illusion.


By the end, the stillness of the mind…WOW! 


I thought (ha) the more I learnt, experienced, that I would move closer to the source, a process over a long lifetime. I never imagined a doorway to the source that is always here, anyway, quietly gently here. There is no other way! How simple and profound! 


The depth of the experience as Presence is beyond words- it feels like Heaven on Earth.