The Harmonising Technique – Level 1

Aligning, healing and balancing with wands and the power of Presence

Isira is offering a new program that will teach a simple and powerful way to energetically align and rebalance – physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. You will learn how to use this technique to help heal and balance yourself and your loved ones.

Learn about energy channels and activation techniques to create release, flow, balance and harmony through the subconscious mind, cellular and conscious energetic fields.


Learn how to:

  • Apply specific point techniques using source energy focused through healing wands.
  • Direct energy through the energy channels.
  • Align energies to be centred and anchored within core energy centres establishing a state of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual harmony and presence.

Understand how to easily and efficiently regain this centred state of presence in any moment.

This is a technique you can use either standing, sitting or lying down. When the person is lying down it is a deeper process.

What you need to bring

It is recommended that you have two Wands to use on the day, although you will be able to attend the program with one wand or no wands at all.

What if I don’t have a wand?

You do not have to have a wand, however it will amplify the results and practice significantly, and it will facilitate the practice more effectively. Think of it as a tool like needles in acupuncture. You can use fingers on the points, but you get a much more effective stimulation using the needles. The wand is a higher vibrational tool aiding greater amplification and purity for deeper, clearer direction and flow.

What if I only have one wand?

You can do some of the method with one wand and other parts of the process with your fingers, however two wands are better than one because you are able to apply the tool of stimulation simultaneously at the required parallel points and meridians.

How can I buy a wand?

Click here to go to the Wand page. You will find details about the wands and how to purchase.

What else do I need to bring?

  • Notepaper and pens
  • A yoga mat and/or blankets, cushions if you like sitting on the floor.

At this training you will receive:

  • Training from Isira in “The Harmonising Technique”
  • Notes and detailed diagrams to take home and refer to.
  • A certificate of attendance


If you are travelling from interstate or overseas, we have prepared a list of accommodation ideas to assist you in finding somewhere to stay. Click here for your copy.


My experience of The Harmonising Technique was of immediate peace and presence. I tend to store stress in my lungs and that area immediately felt completely light and breathing was relaxed.


Isira shares her vast and intuitive healing skills to facilitate a powerful healing technique.  If you’re going to learn, learn from the best.  Learn from someone God-realized and intimately familiar with the subtle energies and centres.


It was a great experience. I feel so privileged to be taught Isira’s healing method.  I grasped the method and feel with practice I will be able to comfortably use this in daily practice…The energy from the wands really do make a difference.  You can’t deny their power.


This is not just another healing modality.  What Isira teaches applies to all healing modalities and all healing.  A very exciting program.


Fantastic technique. The points and wanding with visualisation and intention is so powerful.


I have been working long hours and was feeling quite exhausted and teary. My friend suggested a ‘harmonising’. Within 15 minutes I was calm, centred and grounded. Amazing!  Thank you


For more information please call 0404 162 285