Be aligned with your true nature and in command of your life

6 session course – dates to be confirmed
Registration each day 9.30am

Previously held at
Dee Why School of Yoga,
Upstairs Stones Arcade, Corner Pittwater and Fisher Road,
Dee Why, Sydney

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Awaken to your true nature, so that you can BE all that you were born to truly BE.

In this unique 6 session course  you will experience and apply ancient and modern practices and tools with a truly enlightened spiritual master, Isira.

This is a rare opportunity – to be guided by a true Master, practise at home and then clarify your process in the following weeks to build true, deep and advanced integration of your inner work.

This course is suitable for beginners and experienced meditators as Isira guides accordingly with the utmost of clarity. Even if you are familiar with various traditional meditations, Isira reveals subtleties that can make a profound difference to the practices. Just being in the presence and energy of an enlightened master has the power to facilitate and accelerate your awakening significantly.

Self-Mastery occurs through the integration of your awareness with your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects. It enables you to develop the capacity to sustain a superior order and direction in your life with greater success and with less faltering – and, most of all, with greater love, peace and joy.

In this program you will:

  • Discover how to be consciously empowered and in charge of your life
  • Establish and deepen meditative states that are the foundation of self-mastery
  • Connect to source and expand your inner conscious awareness  as a real experience at new and deeper levels
  • Experience, learn and refine a variety of active and passive meditation techniques using the breath, body and senses – all directed at enhancing sustained states of Self mastery.

“Every degree of success is directly proportionate to the degree and method of application. The beauty is that simple, clear and true methods lead to the fastest attainment. When energy, consciousness and prana are directed in the right way, states of awakening and mastery naturally follow.”  Isira

By commitment and application each week and thereafter, you will be better able to align with the true nature of life and create a life of more joy, clarity and empowerment.


Full price $500

Discount of $60 off these prices if you have attended this program in the last 3 years. * Proof of concession to be sent to our email address.

Please email or call Serena to give you details about coupon discounts and pricing before you make your payment.

Full or Part Scholarships

For those who have a deep calling to be with Isira but do not have the financial means to attend this program with her, we are offering at least one full scholarship and some part scholarships. If you are applying for a part scholarship please advise us of this and what you are able to pay as a contribution for your attending.

If you would like to apply please send us an email by Early bird date to In your email please detail why you would like to attend this program and your financial circumstances. Applications that meet the scholarship criteria will be eligible.  The person will be selected and notified via email shortly after the application closing date.

Scholarships are financed with funds generated through donations and fees at Isira’s events. More info on scholarships.