Mastering Meditation 2017

Saturday 26 – Sunday 27 August


Have you ever wondered what true meditation is and asked why can’t I “get it”?

Whilst most seekers understand the necessity and benefits of meditation for a more awakened life, many remain frustrated with the process. Very few teachings, or teachers, have the capacity to lead the practitioner into actualised states of deeper consciousness, realisation and presence.


In this 2-day program, Isira delivers some of her most powerful and foundational methods, which have led many seekers to the direct experience of more conscious meditation.


In Mastering Meditation you will learn:

  • What meditation really is
  • What leads you into the most natural and deep meditative states
  • How to use your breath to lead you to naturally and effortlessly deeper meditation
  • How to fully engage and experience your conscious awareness
  • The three keys to sustained meditation

The program you will enable you to deepen and integrate the teachings so that you can practise and experience true meditation after the workshop. 

Saturday 26 – Sunday 27 August 2017

Registration 9.30am | 10am – 4.30pm
Crows Nest Community Centre, Crows Nest, Sydney

Bookings are now closed




I’d tried meditating with different methods and teachers over the years, but couldn’t see what the “big deal” was. Then after a month of meeting Isira and meditating using one of her guided meditations, I could meditate… something unexplainable happened… and it’s become deeper and deeper ever since. It’s not really something I do… it’s much more than that. Lorene B Manager Sydney


Isira is a true master of meditation and is always pointing me back to my experience and knowing.  I have found that a slight shift in perspective or understanding communicated by Isira can be the key to experiencing deeper aspects of meditation and the true Self. Melissa F, Perth


How to get to the venue

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For those who have a deep calling to be with Isira but do not have the financial means to attend this program with her, we are offering part and/or full scholarship/s. If you would like to apply please send us an email as soon as possible, latest by Wed 2  August, to In your email please detail why you would like to attend this program, your financial circumstances and whether you are applying for full or part scholarship.  If for a part scholarship, we would appreciate it if you could go into your heart and let us know the contribution you can make towards attending. Applications that meet the scholarship criteria will be considered and then notified by email shortly after 16 August. (Program closing date) Scholarships are funded through donations and fees charged at events.