Sacred Retreat in Bali with Isira October 2015

Turn your dream into a reality.

Attend an intimate retreat on the beautiful island of Bali with an enlightened master.

Access your inner truth, connect to your true Self and expand your energy.

Sunday 11 – Sunday 18 October 2015


Have you ever wanted to:
• Take time out from your daily routine to balance and recharge yourself – physically, emotionally and spiritually?
• Go somewhere unique, immersed in nature and a culture that is truly connected to spirit and life itself ?
• Be supported at an intimate retreat, by an enlightened master of love and compassion who is able to guide you to access your inner truth, connect to your true Self and expand your energy?
• Meditate and live in consciousness – deepening, widening and heightening your presence and inner light. Knowing that by doing so you will feel “shiny and new” and ready to relate with yourself and others in a more loving way?


Every now and then Isira takes a small group on a special journey to Bali. And this year she has decided to offer that opportunity again on: Sunday 11 – Sunday 18 October 2015. You are invited to join her.

Watch below to hear about sacred retreat with Isira from a participant. Amali describes what she personally received from the program – utterly profound.

Who is Isira?

Isira was born awake. She embodies love and compassion and her purpose and passion is to facilitate your awakening. Through the gift of enlightenment, through her presence, her vibration and teachings, she can show you simply and clearly how to access your deepest Self to leave behind your habitual fears, doubts and judgments. She is a Master of meditation and conscious development. In her loving presence you attune to your authentic Self, the Self that knows that all is Love, that all is connected, that all is perfect, and all is an orchestration of Love.

Why Bali?

Bali is a land steeped in spiritual tradition and vibrating with peace, beauty and love. The people are deeply spiritual and give thanks and offerings every day to the seen and unseen. They celebrate and commune with the cycles of life. You will experience many wonders and be touched deeply…. and experience the joy of Presence with Isira in this sacred land. You will visit centuries-old sacred temples, and participate in ancient Balinese rituals and ceremonies. You will marvel and enjoy the wonders of nature and Bali – the vast horizons and lakes, the quaint villages, the beauty of the aquatic life as you play, swim and snorkel and rejuvenate with a relaxing Balinese massage. And there will be beachfront swimming a few steps away from your villa, delicious and nourishing food… and more…

In this short clip, Isira reflects on the powerful opportunity waiting in Bali and why she holds retreats there.


Amertha Bali Villas – Pemuteran, is a luxury setting with mountain and ocean views on the unspoilt north western coast of the Island of Bali. It is nestled on the crystal clear waters of Pemuteran Bay with the uncommon backdrop of nine majestic mountaintops. The Balinese believe the energy of the hills connects to the energy of the holy Bali Sea. You will stay in exclusive private villas – each unique and stunning with full privacy. It is close to one of the most pristine and diverse coral reefs in the world where we are snorkelling and swimming. Take a look here.

Food & accommodation

Food will be nourishing and simple – vegetarian/fish, designed to cleanse and detoxify.

You will have the sanctuary of a private room with queen or king size bed and your own bathroom in a Balinese- style villa.. Each villa is unique but there are usually 2 bedrooms ( usually a Master and smaller room) with separate entrances . You will share the living and kitchen facilities of the villa and a private pool.  You will receive a discount if you are allotted a smaller room. And for a small additional price there are some ocean front Master bedrooms.


The price includes:

  • Isira’s unique intimate retreat program which is tailored to whoever is in the group;
  • Private accommodation in your own Balainese style villa from Sunday evening to Sunday breakfast;
  • Delicious healthy food from Sunday evening to Sunday breakfast;
  • Transfer from our Ubud meeting place to the resort;
  • Transfer from the resort to Ubud or the airport;
  • Temple entry fees, day trips and a massage;
  • other magical experiences; and
  • a consultation with Isira, discounted by $30, to be taken by 28 Feb 2016. This will support your retreat experience and conscious awakening.

The price does not include:  your airfare, personal food or other personal items.

Below are details of pricing for both individuals and couples. We advise that you book in as early as there are only 16 rooms at this intimate retreat.

  • Early Bird closes on Wednesday 5 August 2015
  • Bookings close on Wednesday 19 August 2015 or earlier if places are filled.

You can now pay a deposit of $600 and pay the balance later

This year you can hold your place by paying a deposit of $600 now, and pay the balance by the Early Bird date of Wednesday 5 August, to receive the Early Bird discount as well.

Or you can pay the whole amount now

You can still pay the usual way by paying the whole amount by the Early Bird (5 August) or
Closing (19 August) date.


Usual price $4,190
Save $400 and pay only $3,790 if you book and pay before Wednesday 5 August 2015

If you are a couple sharing a room the prices are as follows:
Usual price $3,805 each
Save $400 and pay only $3,405 if you book and pay before Wednesday 5 August 2015



Non  refundable amount of $600 applies to any refund. No refunds after closing date of 19 August.

More information

For more information email  Serena at or call on 0404 162 285 (or + 61 404 162 285 internationally.)

If you are overseas please email us at  giving us your overseas phone number and Skype name and we will contact you. Please advise your time difference  and availability as we are on Australian Eastern Standard Time in Sydney.

We may need to contact you so we can understand your accommodation preferences.

What people say about the Bali Retreat with Isira

I am going home with deep, deep reverence and deep, deep gratitude for this experience and very excited about living my life in this world more awake and aware of this one Self, this one life. 



I literally feel like I’ve experienced life times of growth and expansion and all in a safe, loving and profoundly uplifting environment. I feel incredibly, irreversibly transformed. Isira has given us amazing tools so I know this experience will never be lost, it’s just like I’ve been given a huge springboard into more joy, more love, more light.


 No one can come and be with Isira for a week and not be transformed in a deeply significant way.


The Bali Retreat is a wonderful space to reconnect with grace, bliss and love. I wouldn’t imagine a greater gift or blessing upon one’s life. Don’t miss the chance to be with Isira in Bali.


This retreat has opened the heart to Truth, The Love that is This. I feel connected now to this Love that I am in the core of Being. I feel such gratitude to Life and Isira for the Being she is.