A Sacred Pilgrimage into Central Australia October 2017

Would you like to go on a Sacred Pilgrimage with an enlightened being?

This is a rare and incredible opportunity for you to enter the heartland of Australia with Isira.

Take a journey of sacred pilgrimage to some of the most sacred sites in the world – Uluru, Kata Juta, Kings Canyon, Ormiston Gorge and the surrounding sacred lands of the indigenous Australian people.

Monday 9 – Wednesday 18 October 2017 (10 days / 9 nights)

The Australian continent is an ancient land-mass featuring a uniquely ‘primordial’ mystery, which is palpably felt by those who touch it. Drawing upon her indigenous ancestry, Isira takes us on a truly sacred pilgrimage to Central Australia. In the heartland, she brings forth the ancient energy for anyone who wants to feel connected to our ancestral earth. The whole experience is magnified as you find yourself immersed in a field of conscious presence. This is a true meeting between the transcendent and the earthly, the divine and the human.

Isira will share with you her own sacred and ancestral ties to these profoundly beautiful and powerful places.
• Immerse yourself in the sacred wonders of the world’s heartland.
• Meditate deeply, in harmony with the song of sacred places.
• Experience and encounter some of the culture of the local indigenous elders and community.
• Feel your own ancient soul as you listen to stories of the dreaming.
• Re-establish your own sacred connection to Earth, nature and the cosmos.
• Take a dip in a sacred waterhole.


This is a rare opportunity to engage in one of the most powerful energy fields in the world, with the enlightening presence of Isira.

Even if it can only be done once, it is a profound life experience…..



Kata TjutaWho is Isira?

Isira was born with awakened awareness. She embodies unconditional love and compassion. Her purpose and passion is to facilitate your awakening and help raise the consciousness of humanity.

Through the gift of enlightenment, through her presence and teachings, she can show you simply and clearly how to let go of your habitual fears, doubts and judgements. She is a Master of meditation and human conscious development. In her loving presence you will be attuned to your authentic Self, the Self that knows Truth and Love in all its perfection.



Nothing compares to sleeping outside under the stars of the cosmos, on Mother Earth herself.

You will be sleeping in a swag (a canvas shell that wraps around the body with a mattress underneath) and/ or tent throughout your stay. You are asked to bring your own sleeping bag and small travel or inflatable pillow for your own comfort.  Camping is quite basic and will include toilet and shower facilities onsite, or transfers to offsite shower facilities where necessary. Privacy is provided by tents.

On the last night of the journey, you will be in individual hotel accommodation in Alice Springs, unless you are a couple or request to share.

Travel & Food

We are travelling by air-conditioned bus to each sacred site.

Simple meals are prepared from the campsite or “on the go”. Breakfasts and lunches will be cereals, bread/spreads, salads, wraps etc. Dinners will normally be hot meals with vegetables and/or salads.

As much as possible, we will take into account your dietary needs. However, please understand that food readily obtained in the major Australian cities, may not be available in the outback, so you may also need to bring your own snacks, depending on your diet. Cooking can also be restricted in campsites. Gluten free meals are available at a small extra charge.

There are essential forms that you are required to fill in as soon as possible, on booking, to comply with the tour company’s insurance. You are also advised to take out your own travel insurance.


The price includes:
• Isira’s unique sharing of her own sacred and ancestral connection to the land and her blessingfield.
• Accommodation for the whole pilgrimage. Camping accommodation that includes a swag and /or tent, at Yulara, and the places along the way to Alice Springs. On your last night in Alice Springs, individual hotel accommodation, unless you are a couple or request to share.
• Simple, healthy food from Monday dinner on the first day to Wednesday breakfast on the last day.
• Transfer upon arrival from Yulara airport on Monday 9 October, to Yulara campsite.
• Transfer upon departure from Alice Springs hotel to Alice Springs airport on Wednesday 18 Oct after breakfast
• All day trips and other magical experiences.


The price does not include:
• Your airfare to Ayres Rock/ Uluru, and your return airfare from Alice Springs.(Note that your journey starts at Uluru, and ends at Alice Springs, so you will need to book separate flights.)
• Personal food or other personal items – you will need to provide your own lunch on the first day.
• If you would like a gluten free diet a small fee of $70 will be charged.  You can pay here
• Extra cultural activities that may be offered during the pilgrimage by the indigenous Australians


Below are pricing details. We advise that you book in as early as possible, as we do not know if/when there will be another pilgrimage like this with Isira, and there are only limited 18 participant spaces.

• Early Bird closes on Wednesday 9 August 2017
• Bookings close on Wednesday 23 August 2017 or earlier if places are filled.


Bookings are now closed


A non-refundable amount of $990 applies to any refund. No refunds after closing date of 23 August.

More Information

For more information email Serena at livingawareness@isira.com or call on 0404 162 285 (+ 61 404 162 285 internationally.)

If you are overseas please email us at livingawareness@isira.com giving us your overseas phone number and Skype name and we will contact you. Please advise your time difference and availability (we are on Australian Eastern Standard Time in Sydney).
We may need to contact you so we can understand and respond to your enquiry.

What people say about programs with Isira

No one can come and be with Isira for a week and not be transformed in a deeply significant way.


I am going home with deep, deep reverence and deep, deep gratitude for this experience and very excited about living my life in this world more awake and aware of this one Self, this one life.


I literally feel like I’ve experienced life times of growth and expansion and all in a safe, loving and profoundly uplifting environment. I feel incredibly, irreversibly transformed. Isira has given us amazing tools so I know this experience will never be lost, it’s just like I’ve been given a huge springboard into more joy, more love, more light.