The Presence

Isira invites you to enter into the power of your own living presence. The Presence is a potent and fundamental method to engage fully in the NOW, and BE in your own Presence.

The Presence is:

  • A living meditation – a tool for sustainably being Presence IN your life
  • A Method – to access the Presence that always IS
  • Transformation – to shed patterns that block remembering and  connecting to the Presence that always IS
  • Application– a foundational practice and tool to respond as living Presence and increase the ability to bring this into your life
  • Integration – a powerful process of becoming embodied as Presence
  • Outcome – to live as the Presence that always IS

Isira teaches this practice as an integration of both method and direct experience to allow YOU, the individual, to live as Peace and awakeful awareness, the true state of your being, uninterrupted by conflict.

When you can accept the power of personal responsibility, when you are willing to embrace your own Presence, you can learn to live from the Presence that you are.

The Presence 1  – Now over 3 days

Awakening in Presence – Experience the freedom of your true Self

In this potent, powerful and life-changing program with Isira you will be given clear and effective tools to:

  • Transform pain, past hurts, blocks and other challenges
  • Bring love and awareness into your everyday life and relationships now
  • Go forward in living a life of peace, happiness and liberation

Isira will teach you clear steps to utilise the kundalini, through breath work, meditation, awakening and integrating your senses, and anchoring into the centre of your pure conscious self.  More info

The Presence 2

Manifesting in Presence – know and live your greatest truth

From ‘The Presence 1’ you move to ‘The Presence 2’ where you begin to KNOW that you are creator. In this deep and transformative program with Isira you will:

  • Directly experience your inner power and consciousness – pure heart awareness, your ‘seat’ of power and Presence
  • Be able to manifest your dreams, consciously, from your inner power
  • Transform and dissipate unconscious manifesting loops and circumstances

Isira guides and teaches you specific energetic and meditative practices that align you directly with the power to manifest consciously. More info

What is the difference between The Presence 1 and The Presence 2?

“The Presence 1” is about awakening in Presence and experiencing the freedom of your true Self. It has three core elements:

  • Awakening to the pure conscious Self
  • Awakening and integrating through the un-conditioned senses – free of our stored projections.
  • Anchoring into the ’seat’ of the pure conscious self.

“The Presence 2” is about manifesting in Presence and knowing and living your greatest truth. It’s two core elements are:

  • Anchoring into your individual power centre, the source of ‘you’ physically here – your authentic self manifesting (Tan Tien). You are anchored as consciousness and energy in your ’seat’ of beingness, the ‘root’ of you. This is the centre that is the ‘now’ which is consciousness and pure energy.
  • Integrating the state of being anchored in your ‘seat’ of pure consciousness and the ‘seat of power.

Why Re-attend The Presence?

We asked Isira why it helps to re-attend The Presence again and again and again, even when we are applying ourselves to it, in our everyday lives and she said:

“The human journey in nature is one of evolution. At each stage we are able to absorb according to our degree of openness. As we enter a new level of opening and apply our self we reach certain degrees of integration until we are ready to open more. This is not an instant coffee process; it is a journey.

Each time you invite yourself into The Presence you do so from a new moment, a new perspective, and with greater potential. You are able to receive more deeply what you could not before. When you first sit a spark ignites and begins to grow. When you sit again that spark catches on, it becomes a fire. When you sit again and again and again it becomes a blazing fire that cannot be extinguished.

Repetition creates a power in the process of manifestation that accumulates according to our activities. Having been so deeply conditioned humanity is habitually giving repetition to the mind, to being out of the centre of Presence. Hence why most people feel their lives are so disconnected from sustained love, joy and freedom. The spark that was caught alight is smothered again. When you give repetition to The Presence you create a very powerful flow in your life for deeper integration, to truly live as your greatest potential in all things in every moment. You go deeper, higher and wider. You become the stillness of the mountain, the flow of the river. You become the blazing consciousness bringing light to all things.

Anyone who is truly sincere in the intent to BE living Presence will follow the course of repetition. All of the Masters have done so and have given the same path, the same advice. It is simply the natural course to follow. For it is only when we revisit our conscious Self over and over that we truly come to know it in every degree of our being. Then we bring our true Self, the gift we are, to the whole world.”

Testimonials of those who have re- attended The Presence

It is so obvious that the repetition and commitment to this process of The Presence leads to a natural and beautiful evolution. Bit by bit story dissolves and awakening progresses. Patanjali’s yoga sutras supports this by saying that for us to reach the state of union, it requires practice without attachment, consistency and faith. In other words, do the practice, experience it and keep moving until you arrive in the union of form and formless, space and place, movement and stillness. This is where Isira leads us with such authority, such simplicity and clarity, such efficiency, such beauty. I will be taking every chance I can to sit in the Presence of Presence until I fully radiate the Presence of Presence free of resistance.

Danny, Director and Teacher Yoga Wellbeing Centre

Even after so many weekends of The Presence, I still get so much and insights into different aspects of myself/of the all.