Personal Master Coaching

Personal Purpose and Power with Isira Sananda

Isira facilitates inspired people to access their inner wisdom and higher intelligence; to gain clarity of purpose and personal life goals; and enjoy sustainable success. You become an Empowered person.

We have all experienced moments when we act with great clarity and an innate knowing.  We have a deep conviction in the direction we wish to head.  We know what needs to be done, and as a result, we are able to take action with great power and clarity. We are also able to deal calmly and effectively with the myriad challenges that will arise on the journey to personal fulfilment.

Many of us have also experienced moments (… and perhaps these are more frequent in today’s world!) when it is challenging to see through the fog of complexity and fatigue that can often arise in our lives today.

Isira’s skill and passion is in helping individuals to cultivate and maintain the clarity from which true purpose, inspirational living and personal fulfilment manifests.  It is from here that happy lives, happy relationships, creative pursuits and purpose fueled lives are created and sustained.

Personal (Life) Master Coaching with Isira

Put simply this is about learning how you can act with the absolute maximum level of skill, soul alignment and awareness in every moment of the day – every interaction, every activity and every decision.  The consultations are deeply focused on creating alignment between who you are and what you need to do – in order to fully live your potential and liberate the potential within your life.

In facilitating you to access your inner wisdom and higher intelligence you can strategically:

  • master yourself
  • manage stress, anxiety and sub-optimal behaviours
  • improve core energy, clarity, and power
  • access greater creative intelligence and intuitive mind states
  • align to your purpose and gain clarity and direction of your bigger vision
  • identify strengths and weaknesses and reframe for optimum achievement
  • improve efficiency and goal outcomes
  • understand and improve communication within relationships
  • develop conflict resolution skills for yourself and relating with others
  • identify and engage core values, emotions, beliefs, mental framework, behaviours and actions that take you from your vision to achievement
  • attain and implement a clear strategic pathway to move from your vision to achievements of your goals
  • develop methods to be centred, grounded, powerful and calm

Master Coaching with Isira is very grounded, structured and specifically tailored to the individual and their goals to:

  • identify and clarify the individual’s sense of purpose and life direction
  • establish a clear connection and direction between personal motivation, work achievements/goals and personal achievements/goals
  • provide solid knowledge and methods that address and improve the inner workings of the individual
  • improve the function and extension of the individual in personal tasks and productivity
  • align the individual’s personal strengths and goals to the collective process and bigger picture of their family, friends, community and beyond
  • align the individual’s personal strengths, values and behaviours to their long term goals
  • improve communication and relationships overall

Why Isira?

Isira is renowned among her clients as a deeply insightful and inspirational coach.  She is a master of meditation and conscious development – and embodies the clarity and intelligence that she helps facilitate in others.  Her techniques are simple, practical and – most importantly – extremely effective in enabling individuals to live happy, fulfilled lives.

Isira speaks at forums around the world and offers guidance to leaders in government, communities and corporations, as well as Royal family members. The passionate endorsement of her clients, throughout her 26 years of facilitating people to live their potential, is the strongest testimony to her rare skill as a facilitator of rapid personal growth.

What is the difference between Spiritual Counselling and Master Coaching?

During Spiritual counselling you are embraced with unconditional love and provided the space to air, express and explore anything you are feeling challenged by in your life.

You will have reflected back to you clear conscious awareness – giving you deeper and clearer insight and understanding as well as suggestions that aid you in finding peace and well-being, in relation to whatever challenge you are facing.

However, sometimes it is very evident that what is really needed is a much deeper guided and facilitated process. When it is emotional, Deep Resolution Process (DRP) or the Break Through Process takes you through a powerful facilitation to move beyond your blocks and achieve very real and significant transformation.

When it relates to the bigger picture of your life, such as clarifying your sense of direction and how to best apply yourself to your purpose, life goals or career then Master Coaching – Personal or Executive, provides a directly tailored and strategic process where you are guided and facilitated to achieve the outcomes you are seeking.

In a sense you are getting your own individually tailored ‘workshops’. This is even better than attending a general workshop because the focus is completely on you: giving you a facilitated skilled pathway to achieve the results you want.

These processes are much more specific and detailed than a counselling session, and worth a significant amount when you consider the outcomes.

Imagine how much value this can bring to your life? What is it worth to you to be able to step beyond confusion, blocks and gain the clear personalised strategies you need to be able to get real results?

This could be the best investment of your life!


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