Deep Resolution Process

A series of 6 sessions that strip back your layers to transform core issues

Most people recognise core issues in their lives – patterns of behaviour and circumstances that keep arising as a result of deeply conditioned beliefs.

Core issues can hold you back in so many ways – perhaps you struggle to follow your true purpose, feel you are not worthy enough to be paid what you want, or doubt you will have a fulfilling relationship.

Whatever it is, you know that the limitations and conflicts you feel as a result of these core issues are deeply impacting in so many ways.

You may have addressed this with various methods of healing and therapy only to feel you still continue in the same loop.

The Deep Resolution Process is about getting real results and sustainable transformation

In this process Isira uses an advanced method of hypnotherapy and ‘guided unlayering’ to get to the real core of the ‘issue’. You then go through the core ‘dissolve and release’ method. You establish a realignment to source power and consciousness – accessing the highest level of vision, consciousness and possibilities to adopt and align with.

Throughout the process you are supported by a powerful level of connection with your un-conscious, sub-conscious and super conscious Self. You are facilitated in a way that the critical conscious mind (ego!) is bypassed, enabling you to release the beliefs at the level of cause and establish the correct frequency and thought/feeling pattern to create what you truly want.

Your higher self directs the process, thereby ensuring that you are facilitated in the highest accord with your soul’s purpose. This part of you knows exactly what you need to see and feel to complete with the core issues and exactly what you need to see and feel to create what you want. Your higher self is put back in charge of your life.

The Deep Resolution Process is very relaxing and gentle, yet penetrating and ensures there is no part of you getting in the way of achieving true results.

Isira will help you achieve what you want. In the process you will:

  • draft and apply appropriate pre-session activities
  • establish clearly what you will be bringing into your deep conscious self
  • establish true release – confirmed by your higher conscious self
  • establish correct ‘new’ content and states – confirmed by your higher conscious self
  • adapt, apply and integrate ‘new’ content states – confirmed by your higher conscious self
  • align and anchor ‘new’ content and states
  • establish what you need to be truly in your power
  • establish conscious triggers to re-affirm content and states – post hypnotherapy
  • draft appropriate post-session activities to further adapt and affirm new content and states and create outcomes.

This process is for you if you want true transformation and real results.

Why six sessions?

Core issues are occurring as a result of years or life-times of behavioural habit and identification. It is for this reason that one core issue is addressed through this course. (Although there are occasions that a group of patterns presents itself around one core issue). This process enables a shifting through and down layers to assure release, integration and correct adaptation occurs. It enables you to work at a pace that is supportive and realistic to the needs of your sub-conscious self. It also enables you to apply the conscious activity methods between appointments which creates further integration and anchoring.

Imagine how much it would be worth for you to be free of your core issues – so free – that you can truly engage with and adopt the right content to create what you want?

Making such a commitment for your self would bring value to your life in so many more ways than just the immediate relief you get from being free of core issues.

What is different about Isira’s Deep Resolution Process?

  • Isira combines her own method of hypnotherapy with her experience as a Master of Meditation and Conscious Development, understanding the frequencies of consciousness, how to adopt the right state to achieve results and her skills of counseling to shift the client with conscious dialogue.
  • Isira embodies the whole state of alignment that you need to adopt to be able to get real results. She emanates and guides with an enlightened frequency. It is well know that the level of the ‘therapist’ has a direct measure on the degree of results for the ‘client’.
  • Isira has over 26 years of experience and has brought real results to many people’s lives. She embraces and guides each person unconditionally with clear wisdom and compassion.
  • Isira is living proof of the possibilities within us all. She ‘miraculously’ overcame life threatening illness and circumstances and healed a broken back in a matter of days. Through her direct experience and knowledge she is able to facilitate us with proven methods in an efficient and seamless way.

 What are some examples of issues some of Isira’s clients have found success with?

Issue Outcome
Difficulties conceiving based on emotional blocks Conceiving within 2 months
Lack of self value/worth Successful business growth and clients within one month, with continued progress leading to greater abundance
Physical illness (cancer) due to deeply stored/unresolved emotional resentment Cancer cells dissolved, physical and emotional health transformed – living a completely new and happy life
Addictive behaviour and habits (eg cigarettes and hard drugs) Completely drug habit free after DRP or Break Through (some people work better with DRP, some better with Break Through)
Anxiety disorder Stress free, clear and confident
Desire to improve creative skill Vast improvement in creative flow and productivity
Desire to have more reliable sports achievement Significant improvement in performance, precision and skill
Difficulties with memory and learning Significant improvement in mental clarity, memory and learning, feeling much more relaxed and confident
Relationship conflicts Transformed communication and energy leading to renewal and harmony in relationship


“I was needing clarity and divine guidance. I also felt ready to deal with some very deep- seated issues. I decided to embark on a few hypnotherapy sessions with Isira.  So far, my experiences have been so profound it is hard to put into words. I have glimpsed the limitless possibilities within myself, I have felt such depth of love I could only weep from gratitude. 

Thank you Isira, what an immense blessing  to have this opportunity to work with you .”


“I have received many therapies and healings in the last couple of years. I know that all those therapies helped me to get where I am now. However, I am at a point where I needed something that could help me at a very deep level – which the other healings have not been able to do so quickly and directly. I can honestly say that Isira’s therapy blew me away. I still remember the words Isira told me about hypnotherapy – “It depends on the consciousness of the practitioner”. I can see what she meant because Isira was able to get to those very high parts of my psyche that I was not really aware of and initiated a change from an even higher place. She allowed all aspects of my being to be aligned with the higher truth.

I am still about two thirds through the Deep Resolution Process therapy and I know that Isira is transforming my life. She is so gentle but so powerful – graceful. I am blessed to have had the Deep Resolution Process and would recommend it to anyone who is really looking for a transformation at a soul level to let go of false beliefs about themselves, self sabotage and self resentment. I was fortunate to come out of that and be present, and see that actually I was always just like a child who was always innocent, and this was a learning process. And love was the outcome of the journey. Isira helped me to see that. Thanks Isira!”

 Amit, McMahons Point


A phone briefing session with Isira is included
6 x 1 hour Sessions @ $550 each, (can be 3 x 2 hour sessions etc) $3,300
Total Value: $3,300
Introductory offer $440 per hr        SAVE $660                 Pay only $2,640*

* Must be started within 2 months of booking

Bookings and payment

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