Spiritual Counselling

Spiritual counselling with Isira

Isira embodies enlightened insight, true wisdom, and loving compassion.  She shares these qualities in one on one consultations that provide you with the opportunity to ask anything. This is an amazing gift that you can give yourself and a wonderful opportunity to accelerate your spiritual and personal evolution. 

We all go through experiences and phases in our life when we need support, guidance and clarity. And, with the pace we are living, the complexity we are faced with, our ability to find greater understanding and answers in our life is something truly valuable.

Isira embodies the clarity of enlightened insight, true wisdom, and loving compassion. With over 26 years of experience, Isira has provided counseling that has brought great change, liberation and empowerment into many people’s lives.

Imagine what it would mean for you if you could ask a being like Buddha or Jesus anything. You would realise how extraordinary such an opportunity would be, and that it could provide you with the insight that could change your life in the best possible way. This is what it is like to have a personal consultation with Isira!

As a Master of Meditation and Conscious Development, Isira has the capacity to guide us to a place of greatest empowerment in ourselves – assisting with deepening spiritual practices and enabling us to move to the deepest and highest level in accord with our own unique Truth and capacity.

During a counseling session you may address whatever is important for you to gain insight, emotional clarity, clear direction, self-development practices and higher understanding.

What are some of the issues/topics you may address during a consultation?

  • mental blocks and limiting beliefs
  • personal and or relationship conflict (Isira also provides couples mediation)
  • clarity and direction to enhance, understand and improve spiritual practices
  • stress/anxiety – how to be more centred, stress free and empowered
  • developing greater intuitive awareness

These are just a few examples – you can bring to Isira any issues that you need support and clarity with and be guided with absolute confidentiality, wisdom and compassion.


“I have always found Isira’s guidance highly valuable particularly at times of confusion, stress or transition. She seems to bring out a certain clarity within me that was always there but something was clouding the realisation or awareness.

Her presence seems to clear the space for my own truth to be revealed more clearly to the point I can relax into it and trust the processes. In my last appointment I was confused about the idea of manifestation and facing a lot of uncertain future movements. Speaking with Isira helped me relax and trust and find my own centre and my own way of being and since then I have taken huge leaps of faith and have been supported every time.

I am so grateful for her presence and guidance in my life.”

Danny, Director and Teacher Yoga Wellbeing Centre

“From the first time I met Isira I could feel her powerful Shakti (spiritual energy). At first glance it swept through me like a wave of unconditional love. At the Retreat of Awakening there was an incredible energetic shift within myself, that has completely changed my personal meditation practice. I began to feel the energy within myself, rising, falling, swirling etc. It actually became a little distracting once the novelty wore off. Time to see Isira….

In consultation, Isira gave me a clear understanding of what I was experiencing and how to be with it. As a result my meditation practice has become the favourite part of my day. I have since had other consultations with Isira, she sees within, and seems to have the answers before the question has been asked. Time with Isira does not end in the room. For the next week or so I can still hear her words and guidance.”

 Rob, Owner and Teacher Yoga Centre

“Over a period of several years I have received counselling services from Isira. I have found this to be both greatly caring and compassionate as well as insightful. It has provided me with an opportunity to deepen my understanding of the tools and techniques I have learnt from Isira while also be greatly assisting me to integrate them into my life.”


What is the difference between Spiritual Counselling and Master Coaching?

During Spiritual counselling you are embraced with unconditional love and provided the space to air, express and explore anything you are feeling challenged by in your life.

You will have reflected back to you clear conscious awareness – giving you deeper and clearer insight and understanding as well as suggestions that aid you in finding peace and well-being, in relation to whatever challenge you are facing.

However, sometimes it is very evident that what is really needed is a much deeper guided and facilitated process. When it is emotional, Deep Resolution Process (DRP) or the Break Through Process takes you through a powerful facilitation to move beyond your blocks and achieve very real and significant transformation.

When it relates to the bigger picture of your life, such as clarifying your sense of direction and how to best apply yourself to your purpose, life goals or career then Master Coaching – Personal or Executive, provides a directly tailored and strategic process where you are guided and facilitated to achieve the outcomes you are seeking.

In a sense you are getting your own individually tailored ‘workshops’. This is even better than attending a general workshop because the focus is completely on you: giving you a facilitated skilled pathway to achieve the results you want.

These processes are much more specific and detailed than a counselling session, and worth a significant amount when you consider the outcomes.

Imagine how much value this can bring to your life? What is it worth to you to be able to step beyond confusion, blocks and gain the clear personalised strategies you need to be able to get real results?

This could be the best investment of your life!


One hour Spiritual Counselling and Personal Consultations with Isira:

  • Individual: $220
  • Couple: $280

Bookings and payment

For details on how to book and pay for a session click here.