Isira’s forums, programs, retreats and private sessions are created to support you to transform your consciousness and awaken through connecting with your inner power.

Event calender

A list of all Isira’s upcoming events.

Satsangs with Isira

Satsangs give you the opportunity to listen to Isira in person as she shares insights and understandings on the core issues in our everyday and spiritual lives, supporting you to  raise your consciousness and frequency.

Conscious Consultations

A rare and sacred opportunity for a conscious consultation with Isira. You are able to discuss private and personal matters for your spiritual evolution and living your life’s purpose.

Retreats with Isira

Isira’s retreats create the space for you to immerse yourself in consciousness, away from the distractions of your day to day life. They are intimate gatherings with Isira with no more than 50 participants.