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To live all that you are – don’t worry about naming this as enlightment, don’t worry about naming it as some spiritual attainment, just embrace it as the truth that you are here to be all that you can be. And until you really, really let yourself into that you are going to be restless, aren’t you? You are going to feel something is not in place, you’re going to feel there’s yet something more, and you’re right, there is something more…

Being here is an immeasureable gift that reaches far beyond just you.

Happiness is to see all that you truly are, bliss is to be all that you truly are.This is the real gift of life, to fulfill this – here on earth.

This is why the spiritual path, our journey of commitment, deep commitment is so relevant. Because it is through this, that we are able to actually cultivate the tools of empowerment within ourself, and give this to life, to each other, to each moment of our life.

Recorded on 4th December 2007 at Mosman, Sydney, Australia

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