Life Answers with Isira – 9th March 2014

Thank you for donating to this Life Answers Webinar with Isira. Your donation enables Isira’s work through Living Awareness to continue and be shared with many.

Here is the audio  from Isira’s Life Answer event on 9th March 2014, before you listen you will be asked for a password. It is “namaste” (lower case “n”). If for any reason it doesn’t upload you can listen to it HERE.

Questions answered by Isira at this Life Answers Webinar include:

  1. How do we deal with guilt, judgement and fear?
  2. How do you know when it is right to move on from a relationship ?
  3. Isira, could you please talk about homosexuality, the shame around it, the prejudices and judgements. Thank you
  4. How does one live a ‘simple’ life while attempting to engage with a world that appears to be ever evolving in complexity?