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As a Global Family we are clearly on the threshold of an enormous upheaval which beckons us potentially to greater fear or to a shift in our consciousness.

At this time it is evident the people of our world are looking for answers and feeling disillusioned by the degree of conflict, destruction of the environment and division of our nations, cultures, religions and society, both in the nucleus of our families and at large.

We have expended great energy on criticising each other and asserting forceful power for the sake of greed. We have vied for a position of the best politics, greatest truth, best religion or the right way. Our efforts have focused extensively on the identity and material possessions of our human being-ness and have largely overlooked the essential truth of being human. We have discussed our ideals, politics and philosophies endlessly, only to find that we – and importantly, our leaders – are still trapped behind unconscious beliefs and controlling behaviours. We have been driven by the ego.

We are the people of the world……yet are we conscious of what is happening around us every day? Are we conscious of our actions? Are we conscious of their effect? Conscious of our world heading toward an abyss? Conscious of the imbalances of this world growing from one day to the next?

It has been said we are the custodians of earth and all of its creatures. But what kind of a world are we leaving to future generations of humankind – and how will they reflect on us? What will they feel when only digital images remain of the flora and fauna that we betrayed? And that what remains is barren land stained with blood? Will they reflect that we were the generation who still had the chance to stop the destruction of our planet and each other? That we failed to awaken? Failed to act? Will WE (each one of us) leave it still in the hands of the illusive unconscious ‘them’?

Who or what is to truly lead us in the right direction?

Every day we change in some way. And our sense of identity drives our direction and our actions. We lead and are led through life based on our beliefs and the identity we have formed. Yet what we are keeps changing as we continue evolving. If we get so attached that we resist change and growth we naturally become rigid and contract in some way to protect our position. The need to protect or defend our identity and its unconscious actions (such as in the act of force for personal gain, corporate power mongering and warfare) is the very evidence that we are being led by the wrong force. Finding an identity and a place of belonging is a natural part of the human expression. Someone puts on the hat of a Muslim, a Christian cloak, a politician’s suit or a Buddhist’s robes… and as long as there is attachment to the form or beliefs of the image there is “us and them” and a degree of separation… and from that comes leadership through competition and violence.

Yet at the end of the day when we take off the hats and the cloaks we discover and remember that we are all human. And it is only when we meet each other as such that we find the place in which we are all united and where all images are respected, even in our diversity, and are held as equal, as one. This place is the heart. Here, true wisdom and co-operation is born. Here, we transcend the ego and awaken consciousness. When we return to the wisdom of our heart we see that we are no different from each other. It is when we follow the way of the heart that we find our common spirit where all pretence of superiority or inferiority becomes obsolete. We all have families, we all long for peace and well-being and we all strive for our basic dignity of human rights and respect. And, most significantly – we only have this one world to share.

The true answers we seek can only come from our conscious awareness. Awakened consciousness is our true leader.

With this awakening we discover that our true capacity of human greatness begins to emerge in all its colours of compassion; loving-kindness, equal rights, respect, and constructive change for growth. We uncover our largely untapped potential for true hope, courage, transcendence and higher vision even when faced with the greatest adversities. Underneath all our fears and attachments to our position or beliefs this is our one common voice and our equal spirit.

I see that we are now faced with a choice: love or fear. We must make a conscious shift – from our unconscious behaviours to awakened awareness. We must awaken humanity, and in so doing never use violence in order to achieve any objective. The only way to change the world for the better is by lifting up the consciousness and the heart of all people. When critical mass is achieved the politicians will have to follow and the businessmen will then follow. That is when real change will begin.

‘Consciousness’ is the key word – and the only one that really matters. Let us become conscious of our responsibility toward the future of humanity and earth. Let us indeed save the future of humanity – of ourselves and the world we share. In this – we may fulfil our potential of being human. If we fail – we prove little more than that we wasted our lives for short-term pleasures, material profits and illusions.

If we continue to stand behind the borders of these illusions we will remain in fear. But if we shift our perception even for a moment, we might discover that what has kept us divided, destructive and disempowered is only the creation of our mind and beliefs; that the borders are all imaginary lines. We begin to see then that what have been our greatest conflicts are actually disguised opportunities for growth and change and that the borders can become a place to meet and unite rather than defeat and divide. As we face this possibility we discover our greatest strength is waiting in our vulnerability.

I see this time as one of a great emergence. An emergence of what is our true power, creative brilliance and the celebration of our human spirit. It is this that is our one voice which I celebrate in everyone that I meet. It is the simple ordinariness, the living essence of consciousness in every one of us. It is this, which is our true ground of strength that will raise us and lead us to our greatest potential.

Isira Sananda

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