Natural Disasters : A gathering of compassion

Tuesday 22 March 2011

Free event

Live at Mosman
and on Worldwide on the web

Registration 7.00pm  |  7.30 – 9.00pm

Invite your friends and family

You can make a difference. Join us in the power of united meditation.

We are now in a time that calls for compassion and a centring into a deeper strength – a strength that is born of the Presence within us.

As we bear witness to ongoing adversity in the form of disasters (natural and social) it is natural, even for those not directly affected, to feel a sense of overwhelm or shock. What is significant is that we are all affected, even when we don’t necessarily recognise it. We are all affected because indeed we are all connected. We are ONE LIFE.

What is acutely highlighted at this time is the true nature of life… that all things are subject to change; even the things we have seen as our greatest source of security may be taken away suddenly or unexpectedly.

With compassion we can embrace a deeper Presence of Love – one that extends a presence of calm, guided by the knowing that life itself is eternal… and although we may cling to these bodies and objects we wish to hold on to… it is only love and the spirit of life that endures.

By gathering in Presence, whether in the silence of one’s own heart, or as a group, we may extend this calm to all those who are suffering at this time and are perhaps incapable of making an aware connection to their own eternal nature.

It is a time to re-assess, to re-consider our priorities, to re-gauge what in our life has true or lasting meaning. As we gather our thoughts into a place of quiet contemplation we may also re-connect to the peace that is always here, underlying every moment… even in the midst of disaster.

Even in the face of tragedy there is an opportunity for true change… an opportunity to connect with the true nature of life again, to be freed of the burdens we have bound ourselves to through material attachments or indulgence, and to find the simple beauty and joy again of living in harmony with the true nature of our own being and life at large.

Tuesday 22nd March 2011

Live at Mosman

Mosman Art Gallery & Community Centre
Cnr Myahgah Street & Art Gallery Way,

Registration 7.00pm  |  7.30 – 9.00pm


Live worldwide on the web

Listen live on the web or phone
register here now

Online 7.20pm | 7.30 – 9.00pm

All welcome, invite your friends and family.

Listen to Isira as she shares what the Natural Disasters : Compassion Gathering is all about

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In answer to some of your questions:

How exactly will this exercise be of help to those who are now trying to rebuild their homes etc. after cyclone, flood or earthquake etc?

It is well documented that the power of untied consciousness (in meditation and prayer) can bring a shift of energy in situations of trauma and upheaval. In this instance the intention is to send a wave of deep love and peace to support at an energetic level.  And, whilst there are many who are making physical contributions and supporting in physical ways – there are many who are not capable of being there physically, and many who want to know how to support at an emotional/spiritual level. The emotional/spiritual support is just as relevant… especially when guided by the deep inner power of our ONE soul which IS the energy of deep peace and harmony. It is this energy that touches us at the ‘unseen’ level that also makes a vast difference during times of trauma.

The way forward and resolution for the “suffering of humanity” and devastation of the earth (which is an outcome of humanity’s unconscious treatment of the planet and each other)  is in consciousness, to realise that we are all connected, we are All One, and in that Oneness we are able to respond and take action as the Love that we are, towards each other and the earth. 

Why is Isira and Living Awareness running this event?

The purpose of this event is to generate a powerful field of supporting energy through united meditation.

There are many people who believe in the power of united consciousness who want to participate … including those who are affected… those who are seeking a deeper source of strength and peace at this time. The decision to hold this event is born of deep compassion and the desire to support at the level of consciousness… in addition to all of the physical support that is happening. It is about love and compassion for those who are suffering and less capable of feeling a deeper source of power during this time.

The webinar, an audio event, is to support as many people as we can to attend this event – so people in Australia and around the world are invited. We also encourage groups to gather together under the one webinar registration, as we only have 100 registrations available, given our technology.  It is also being videoed due to requests from people unable to attend the event physically.

Is there a registration charge/donation for this event?

This is a free event, fully sponsored and paid for by Isira/ Living Awareness, for as many people as possible to join together in Oneness, in Consciousness, to assist the people who are “in trauma and upheaval” around the world. As only 100 people can join the webinar, we are encouraging groups to gather together, around the one registration. We are not asking for donations of any kind as there are many other avenues for this to occur, and most people, are making direct donations to the respective relief funds. We will encourage people also to do this.

Will the evening be a guided meditation, and if so, what will attendees be asked to meditate on or about?

Yes, guided meditation… we will all connect to our inner most being – that which is the one source of all consciousness/life energy, peace, love, power and harmony.

With this we will establish attunement to the deep Presence of love, peace and soul power to embrace all of the people who are facing such immense trauma at this time. We will hold the energy and the vision of healing and harmonising energy encompassing all of these people and all of earth.

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