Open to the living truth and power of compassion

2 day program – dates to be confirmed
Registration 9.30am | 10.00am to 5pm

Previously held at
Crows Nest Community Centre
Level 2 – Johnson Hall
2 Ernest Place Crows Nest
Sydney Australia

Click here for location map

Do you yearn to love yourself but wonder how to at the deepest level?

Do you yearn for peace and resolution in your relationships and in the world?

During this transformational program you will experience what it means to embody your highest potential – compassion.

Compassion is the pinnacle of the human journey. It is the divine will of our soul, the conscious union of love and wisdom and the source for all true healing and peace.  During this unique program you will:

  • Be initiated beyond concepts to awaken and integrate the wisdom and love within you.
  • Learn the unique practice of self-empowered transformation called ‘Krippa’.
  • Learn how to cultivate and generate greater compassion.
  • Bring everything back to love – love for yourself, loved ones and the world. You will embody compassion.

WisdomHeart is the call to the power of love and wisdom within each of us, now …TO LOVE ALL AND HEAL ALL.


Full price $500.

Discount of $60 off these prices if you have attended this program in the last 3 years. *Proof of concession to be sent to our email address.

Please email or call Serena to give you details about coupon discounts and pricing before you make your payment. livingawareness@isira.com

Full or Part Scholarships

For those who have a deep calling to be with Isira but do not have the financial means to attend this program with her, we are offering at least one full scholarship and some part scholarships. If you are applying for a part scholarship please advise us of this and what you are able to pay as a contribution for your attending.

If you would like to apply please send us an email by the early bird date to livingawareness@isira.com. In your email please detail why you would like to attend this program and your financial circumstances. Applications that meet the scholarship criteria will be eligible.  The person will be selected and notified via email shortly after the application closing date.

Scholarships are financed with funds generated through donations and fees at Isira’s events. More info on scholarships.


If you are travelling from interstate or overseas, we have prepared a list of accommodation ideas to assist you in finding somewhere to stay. Click here for your copy.

More information

If you require more information please send Serena an email livingawareness@isira.com or call her on 0404 162 285.


Thank you for shining light on a lifetime illusion of what I thought compassion was, and how I have built an identity around this. It always felt limited to what I sensed it could be, what it’s authentic state was. You have opened a doorway for me. Deep love and gratitude always. Thank you for lifting another veil for me.


Thank you, thank you. Each day, each moment so much changes, is changing, has changed. I am grateful and accepting of each moment “as it is” especially now the parts I didn’t like and wanted to run away from. I now have experienced and know they are my sign posts for the change I want to be. Thank you.


WisdomHeart spoke to and struck the very core of the disconnect I have been experiencing for an extremely long time. This program resonated with my being more profoundly than any other. Especially the roadmap to my and everyone’s humanness. To have had my own experience of the wholeness of love, the depth and truth of the state of love, the inclusivity of love feels like a new me is arriving. Namaste.


A wondrous event to bring out and enhance the energy of love which will leave you in awe of yourself. Many thanks.


This WisdomHeart  program has opened my awareness of knowing myself as love in a way I’ve not experienced before. For the first time I felt the constancy of this energy of love and that it truly is the only thing that is real. This is an integral part of my stage of transforming illusion and the dismantling of false truths. From my heart, thank you.