Stop in stillness

Something very big is happening in our world. Something very loud. It’s screaming out at us. The melting arctic is crying. The parched lands are calling to us with their last scratchy voice. Our ADHD children are screaming for help. Our sick and starving are pleading with us to take notice. Our burdened society is crying out for release. Our deeper self is crying – STOP.

Our deeper self is pleading with us to return to silence and stillness. Our deeper self knows that stillness is essential to our well-being. It knows that stillness and silence is the place of our peace, our freedom, our wisdom and our sacred balance.

And when we are disconnected from this source in our own being we live in a profoundly disabled and selfish state. Our vision is clouded, our actions are distorted and our state radically disempowered and violating of life. We live a life of wants instead of a sacred balance where all our needs are met. Our world is screaming – STOP. And all it needs is for each one of us to begin with one little moment. That one little moment is all it takes to re-connect with our deeper self. And from that re-connection we can begin to see, to hear and to feel again, the deeper truth and meaning within us. It is that deeper meaning within us that is the necessary guide for us to all head in a new direction together. In this silence is the place of our unity – where we know our self as the one life. It is time to take stock of our self, of our soul, to return our self to sacred balance. It’s not too late. But we must start now. Let us begin with this little moment – let us start here – JUST THIS DAY.

Blessings and Peace,


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