So Many Seekers, So Few Finders

Within the heart and mind of each of us there is a desire to attain peace, freedom and love, although we may not be aware of it. We aspire to reach the pinnacle of our expression as a human being – to be alive with spirit, to feel always at home and to be at one with creation.

Whether we refer to this goal as enlightenment, as the knowing of Truth or simply as being fully alive, it is a goal worthy of our focused attention. After all, given a choice, who would keep on suffering with the deluded mind that slam dances with life? Don’t we all truly long for a dance of ecstatic love, sweet joy and deeply satiating quietude? This possibility is not out of our reach. We do have a choice. We can have a grace-filled waltz with life.

Peace, love and freedom are our true nature. Yet most people do not experience this. We have identified deeply with the belief in separation: the belief that absolute and eternal values are separate from ordinary people, and beyond us. The perception of our true Self has been externalised as if it is out of reach. And, as a consequence of our dysfunctional attitude to life, we continually bang into the blocks of our illusions. We feel limited and trapped, believing ourselves to be separate from our true freedom and power. Transforming the belief in separation is required before we recognise the source of Truth within our very selves.

Nonetheless, despite all of our limitations, it is simply the truth that freedom and peace, love and joy, wisdom and truth, in their highest capacity, are awaiting within the heart of every being to be remembered, embraced, embodied and celebrated.

Yet typically this truth seems elusive for most people and efforts to know it often result in frustration and disillusionment. Sadly, these efforts are largely directed by the mind. And if we keep following the path of the mind we will feel our efforts are all pointless – because the mind cannot reveal what is true. Only our innermost being which is free of the mind can reveal our true Self. We must renounce the belief in separation and turn from concepts to our own being. And thus, we discover our inner being is the source of insight.

When we look within we enter a different dimension of seeing. We enter the presence of conscious awareness which releases inner vision – insight. With insight comes true and authentic feeling. With authentic feeling comes experience. And with experience comes knowing. With the experience of knowing, our doubts and the rejection of our self as love and peace dissolve.

For us to continue this experience, commitment and application are required. The habits of maintaining limited beliefs and looking outside of ourselves are deeply rooted and compulsive. Rest assured, letting go of these habits is well worth the effort. The prize is the experience of awakening in one’s own process, of gaining one’s own Self – something that no other can either give or take away. It is so great and immeasurable in its joy, love and peace; whatever appeared as suffering no longer has any relevance once we are self-realised.

Within the authenticity of our own realisation, we transcend all doubts and remember that which we are. We discover that what we were seeking was, is and always will be within us.

Yet without this experience, the seeking remains. This is why there are so many seekers and so few finders: we have been, both subtly and obviously, taught dependence on someone else’s experience. Even though we may hear or read truth over and over from a living master and think that, by their grace, if we are devoted enough, we will gain the blessing of liberation; the deep doubt niggles and uncertainty remains. The true placement of our power to awaken is misplaced. . It is never the master who is a signpost that gets us to where we are going; it is our travelling to where the signpost is pointing that does. It is never the teacher who sets us free; it is our exploration of what the teacher reflects back to us – our innermost being – that leads us to experience and KNOW the truth that sets us free.

When seeking any guidance for our awakening, healthy discernment is of the greatest importance. Unless a master is clearly advocating a path of direct communion and presenting tools that cultivate a trust and deep connection with the innate wisdom, enlightenment and awareness within our own being – there is reason to be cautious. Any relationship that fosters worship or dependence upon the powers or illumination of a master, is, in part, a procrastination of our own self-realisation.

However a relationship that fosters self-knowledge, through an apprenticeship using tools that lead to our own mastery, is to be cherished as an immeasurable gift. The nature of such a relationship is one of a journey, not a destination. As long as there is any excess focus on a destination (even if that destination is liberation) there will again be a disengagement from the source of the awakening itself – which is the power of the innermost self in the present moment. The HOW is always in the NOW. For the now is the looking glass in which we see the truth within us.

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Fiona Bonds November 5, 2010 at 10:42 am

Dear Isira, I Thankyou for these inspiratons on which to meditate and reflect. I agree that these illusions of limited beliefs, and looking to others for validation etc. are deeply rooted. The “prize” of self awakening is a truth for me (since just this year I have developed a conviction based on a gut feeling that I am worth more than I was allowing myself) It was far harder work maintaining that “wrong system of beliefs”, and living with the consequences they held. Justifying them to myself gradually became harder, and not acting to change my experience of the world by changing my view/expectations really became intolerable. Finally, I realised that I was being given a forceful shake to wake me up to the fact that I was about to give up on my life. I was prepared to die if I got sick, etc. But that wasn’t really true to my heart. I actually cried out finally for divine help. Then I began to listen to what I was being to do, really listening deeply to my heart. Beautiful people and opportunities came to my aid which I took eagerly and gratefully without the old guilt of the past. I had to pinch myself to believe it was actually me doing all this for myself, and I began to experience joy again. The qigong retreat with Master Alex Lim in Bali was an important catalyst during which time I began to find i could like myself, even love myself, so I became stronger and this helped me to decide to change my life. Since making this decision I am fully engaged in the process of learning about myself and my potential with a view to how I can contribute positively when I am healed. I see there are many needs in this ailing world I love. I want to help. I’m so glad that Alex told me about you and your wonderful website with these many insights to help people like me to continue believing it can and will happen as it should. The readings are encouraging, uplifting and universally wise. I can see that living in the now, fully and appreciatively is a key to spiritual growth. I believe I am beginning to learn this. I am an artist, and I see this skill of “just being” as an art in itself whilst being accessible to all, and I really believe when we live in this state (I Hope I can be in it 100% of the time very soon), we are artists quite naturally, expressing ourselves truly in every thing we do. Thankyou Isira for your continued inspirations which you share so lovingly with all. I hope to meet you one day if you come to Perth. I feel you have a deep connection with the earth, which I also feel. When I see the earth ravaged, trees felled, rivers dammed, water poisoned, pollution at unbelievable levels at Denpasar on the “Island of the Gods”, I cry inside. But now I see I must imagine what can be done, and never lose hope for the future. With love and thanks, Fiona

Fiona Bonds November 5, 2010 at 11:10 am

Dear Isira,,
Thankyou for these inspirations. I agree that these illusions of limited beliefs we develop are deeply rooted, but so worth changing with effort. I have come from an established limited self view, where I had not listened to or acted on my intuitive feelings about my situation, for 20 years. Actually, I knew I was in a wrong situation, and punished myself for my mistake by staying there paralyzed whilst trying to be a good mother! My life and lot felt heavier by the year as I didn’t change anything, but things changed around me. Finally, after spiritual help and encouragement from my qigong teacher and others I met, I have decided to make the leap of faith to save myself and my children. And the more I learn about myself, the more I want to learn, and the more opportunites come to me.. You website is an important source of inspiration, and all the readings feel very true to me personally. I’m learning about liveing in the moment, fully and appreciatively, and I’m allowing joy into my heart again. Now I sing more, enjoy helping myself heal through qigong, and meditation, and laughter, and every opportunity that comes. And I plan to help others when I am healed. Thankyou for making this process easier and so accessable to all. I hope to be able to thank you in person one day. Fiona

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