Love and Gratitude of Trees

One of my Aunties, an Elder and friend whom I love and respect dearly, said to me last night – “I opened a talk once by saying; I believe as a human I am far less important to earth than a tree. And they all looked at me as if I was mad!”

Well, to many people that may be the case. Yet in a certain way there is a profound truth and message within this.

A tree may live to be over 500 years old. In its one lifetime it will filter the air and provide nourishing pure oxygen for millions of creatures. It lives and flourishes, drawing from the environment only that which is essential. It does not covet its shade or its fruits. It does not like to stand alone but excels most in a community of trees, animals, insects, rocks, soil other plants and elements. It does not fight with its neighbour or complain about the weather or try to take more than nature provides. And it doesn’t sing out – I am a better tree than you!

A human may live to just over one hundred years. In its one lifetime it will use thousands of trees to write things that mostly end up in the bin and wipe bums that send shit loads of stinking matter down tunnels that use thousands of litres of life sustaining water. It lives rapaciously taking what it wants – far more than what it needs – exploiting thousands of species of life, including its own to gratify these desires – that mostly end up in dumps – and spewing out toxic waste into the air that threatens the very existence of the whole planet. It likes to isolate itself from the rest of nature and stand alone at the top of its own concrete castle. It fights with its neighbours and continually complains about the weather and all the things that it wants that are not essential to its life, resulting in it being far less than a bright and flourishing creature. And it loves to sing out – I am better than you!

So what do you think? Was Auntie Claire so mad after all?

Hopefully we will all hurry up and learn something from our sacred trees before we don’t have enough left to enjoy this most precious gift and home we live on – our beloved Earth.

With deep Love and Gratitude to the trees.

With Love to you all, that we may meet again in the forests,

Blessings and Peace,


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