Freedom from Ego

Here is a question that has come in from one of the readers that I hear very often.

“How do we instantly drop or see through the ego? How do we “relinquish the stranglehold of the ego”?

Well firstly we have to let go of false expectations to be able to look at our hopes in the right context. The bad news (to the ego!) is that there is no instant solution to the habits of ego. It is not possible to attain an instant cure all for the ego.

Having said that, it is possible to experience a state of freedom from the ego in THE NOW. The more we can centre our self in the state of awareness in the now – the more we become the habit of centred awareness. With centred awareness we loosen the stranglehold that the ego seems to have in our life. With centred awareness we see the ego for what it is – we see through and beyond it.

Naturally this takes a degree of vigilance. We must be able to engage with activities that help us to be centred in the now. Sadly though, most people will still be centred in their thoughts whilst thinking they are paying attention to the moment. Yet whilst the mind is still in dialogue about life or labelling and defining what is happening in the moment the ego is still holding the power.
Being occupied and driven by the mind is the bane of spiritual freedom. It is the construct of our thoughts and how deeply we identify with this construct – and give it belief – that keeps the ego so well rooted.

One of the most simple, immediate and powerful things we can do to disperse the ego’s apparent grip is to centre our self in our breath.

Why? Firstly – the breath has no opinion. The breath is a flow of life force that corresponds with the freedom and pure being of the living moment. It is within us and therefore not a power that is somewhere else, outside, in another person or a separate power. Breath connects us to a state of awareness. This awareness simply is. It is consciousness: un-opinionated, unformed by any identity, agenda or story. Scientifically it is proven that meditative breathing corresponds with a very different state of awareness – which the masters know as the pure Self.
Simply allowing our self to be present to our breath allows us to become still and for the mind to slow down. This is aided further if we have a method that helps us to create a deeper, slower rhythm of breath. I recommend you watch the video clip The Breath of Life sometime.

Different methods can help release the more deeply rooted habits and blocks caused by ego identification. And, by constantly coming back to your breath you can establish a different habit – really being present in the now without the interruption of the ego.

Try it now – in the next few moments. Just bring your attention fully into the centre of your breathing for a few minutes and allow your self to simply be aware of the moment. Even if this only lasts for a few moments you will notice how clear and light you feel. The weight of the ego vanishes. Why? Because what you think is the ego has no inherent reality. The moment you allow yourself to just connect with what IS you experience your true nature: simply that which is Presence… consciousness… life.

Happy Breathing!


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lorraine harvey November 10, 2010 at 1:00 am

Hello Isira, I read your book some time ago. I was disappointed when you wernt at Mind Body Spirit, I thought about coming back but Newcastle is a bit of a distance ,more than anything I wanted to feel you / sense you if you know what I mean. I had 2 out of body episodes in 1974 when I was 26 I ,read and searched from then on. People and my family thought I was crazy but I felt I was being pushed. I went to India, to rishikesh, Poona, simila, I have 2 book cases of books, tapes etc. I feel like I know nothing even though I have been on endless retreats, studied and been touched by a master who sent my chakras spinning and I felt it. I have felt liquid pouring out of my head afraid to feel ,when I did there was nothing there. I still get the energy happening in my head. I never could apply myself well to meditating, breath concentration was a little better, have tried many methods. Ive given up I dont do anything anymore . Im aging my body is beginning to break down . I feel I was trying to obtain something out of my reach this lifetime. Can you reccomend anything. Namaste, Lorraine

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