Am I expressing Truth or Belief?

As we become more conscious we become active seekers of Truth. In the quest to know and understand Truth, interesting questions arise. And, many seekers come to this same enquiry: Am I expressing truth or belief? One enquirer recently asked:

“My partner and I have been discussing beliefs and thoughts… I was saying something that felt to be from my heart, to be a truth from somewhere higher than my belief system.

Could that be so, or is everything expressed a belief”?

This important enquiry points to the core and intention of enlightenment. The path to enlightenment involves the process of shedding our beliefs about the world and the identity we have constructed with thoughts and formed beliefs. Almost everything that everyone experiences in human consciousness is driven by the ganglia of our thoughts and beliefs.

Yet some people, instead of following the usual mode of behaviour, have committed to surrendering to the silence within — the pure realm of consciousness itself — the beingness that is simply witnessing. Like Buddha, each of these people have reflected a clear state of pure awareness: a way of experiencing the world that is free of our projected opinions and beliefs.

Such beings demonstrate that it is possible to become the living expression of ‘isness’. The more we release our attachment to thoughts and beliefs the more we become a witness to simply what IS.

Imagine two people walking through a forest. A, with an open heart, is deeply breathing in the now, all senses alert to the experience. While B is in the mind, occupied with the noise of mental assessment and sub-conscious thoughts: “trolls live in forests, I get cold in forests, these trees are bigger than the trees in my backyard…” blah blah blah – on and on.

Neither A nor B has to have thoughts or beliefs about the trees for the trees to exist. The trees simply are their own perfect moment and being. And both A and B have a level of their own being which is simply aware of the trees.

A can be so alive to this, so in contact with this, that in a moment, filled with the delight of pure witnessing, A may speak of the encounter. In this instance the mind is simply an instrument: a voice for pure witnessing. Awareness precedes the mind. The mind follows the state of simple awareness.

B can be so sure of what the trees mean to him that he generates within himself (from memory) the emotions that correspond with that meaning. He has lost touch in that moment with the state of direct awareness of the trees that always exists within him. Instead he is engaged with his ideas about the trees. Like A he may speak of this. Yet, for B, it is thought that precedes the statement. The statement is a product of the mind.

There is a great distinction between these two states and yet, for many seekers of Truth, this distinction seems blurry and the enquiry continues.

Even whilst the enquiry continues, we have been blessed with various individuals who are the living testament of our ability to live and breathe as heart awareness. This reminds us all that everyone has the capacity to experience and express a dimension of life that is free of our projected thoughts and beliefs. Such a life is innocent, alive, flowing and radiating with a delight that reaches out beyond any definition — yet still one which we can celebrate in the moment through the voice of our heart. As each individual surrenders deeper into the presence within and the ‘isness’ of the moment, the heart of Truth is encountered. It awakens a gift within – the ability to feel and express the love, lightness and joy of life’s Truth.

Blessings and Peace,


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