A power beyond tragedy by Isira

I know I join many in expressing my compassion for all the people who are faced with recent extreme trauma and challenges. As we bear witness to a spate of natural and social disasters, it is natural, even for those not directly affected, to feel overwhelmed or shocked. The truth is we ARE all affected, because we are indeed all connected. We are ONE LIFE.

I know that we all share a deep desire to help in some way and to support those who are most in need at this time. And during these times of upheaval help is needed. There is the process of renewing – of re-constructing. People are responding all over the world – material help is being given and indeed is very needed and relevant.

Deeper than this, however, something is happening at an emotional level in the consciousness of humanity. There is great solidarity that awakens in the hearts of humankind during times of immense tragedy – and a process of reflection. Now, as we face an accelerating scale of disasters, it is essential we take the time to reflect. It is time to re-consider our priorities and to re-gauge what has true or lasting meaning in our lives.

At times such as this we are stripped of our usual sense of security and comfort, and we cannot ignore the stir of our inner feelings. There are questions to consider – soulful questions to reflect upon. The power of reflection may lead us to a greater change, beyond the surface level of fears and traumas.

Although we naturally seek to extend ourselves to others, to comfort or to reach out for help, it is our inner dimension that most beckons us during times of upheaval. If we gather our thoughts into quiet contemplation we may re-connect to the peace that is always here… the essence underlying every moment – even in the midst of disaster.

The essence of life itself commands its power in our life. It is this which calls us to look beyond the transitory events in order to find true understanding and more lasting meaning.

It is through this that we may acknowledge another dimension of help that is available to us – always

… the truth and power of silence

… the conscious presence that is forever here

… eternal awake awareness

… forever oneness

… forever peace.

This is the presence found in our silent meditative being.

Whether material order is regained or not, silence is here… peace is in our midst. It is here in each one of us. As we become more conscious of this presence within, we regain a state of calm, an equipoise, an awareness that sees, knows and feels that which is beyond our usual attachments to the material world. It naturally, powerfully, opens us to the constant flow of life, where we can know that, no matter how things appear on the surface, deep within, there is always freshness, newness and wholeness. There is a stillness – a power that always remains undisturbed.

In this stillness and silence we regain the vision of life’s true nature. We regain a state of acceptance and connectedness with life – as it is. And, as we do so we surrender. We attain a radical state of trust in our self as conscious being and in life as eternal presence. As we trust ever more deeply in the power of this conscious presence we see that we are always provided with all the help that is needed and with all that is always in truth – with the true nature of our self and existence.

Yet at large, the general population look on in bewilderment. Why? Because most of us are still caught in the illusion and attachment to form. We are still looking to our physical realm for all the answers: for success, fulfillment and happiness. Meanwhile, the universe and our world continue to be

… an infinite field of ever-changing energy

… a dance of cause and effect

… a constant process of creation and destruction.

Nothing in the world of form is permanent – only its essence is permanent.

So why is humanity always glued to the image of horror in tragedy? Why are we so afraid of upheaval when such events are a natural part of life’s constantly changing process? We are transfixed by tragedy because at an unconscious level we are trying to understand and come to terms with ‘death’… transformation.

What are we missing? It is the deeper perfection of life itself that we miss – the stillness, the essence that has nothing to do with the coming and goings of form. This brings us to the problem of depending on what ‘happens’ to make us happy. And, as we see, most of humanity is fixated with what happens at the material level.

As far as true joy is concerned, your football team winning, or you winning the lottery is completely irrelevant. Peace is the same – whether you have your house one day and not the next is irrelevant. True joy and deep peace cannot be achieved through dependency on transitory material events. Nor can they be manifested by an act of will, especially if that will is based on a goal or need from the external world of circumstance. That will lives in the same world in which rich men exploit poor people and hyper-consumerism destroys our natural environment.

True happiness and peace actually derive from an essence beyond form. It is consciousness itself which is always the supreme essence of who you are – complete, needing nothing more or nothing less, having no conditions. Simply being.

In times of great upheaval our deepest fears are always exposed, and the ego runs amok. Yet despite the scattered and divisive noise of the mind there is always a deeper thread of awareness. It is this thread that can be our greatest help in our darkest moments. Right in the midst of the mind’s fear, the darkness of the ego, is a ray of light – a deeper shining presence, an unconditioned awareness that itself is the light of all love, joy and peace.

Contrary to how it seems, this essence is not a tiny part of us – some tiny fragment hidden between the folds of our conditioned mind – it is the WHOLE of us. This essence is the totality of our self – our eternal, ever-present being, which is forever ONE. Essence is not a small thing, it is immense. It is immeasurable. It is our essence that can show us the way, that delivers the true help that we need, the answers we seek, the peace we yearn for, and the love we long to return to.

Using the mind to solve ‘problems’ can occasionally result in some insight as well as some improvement in our situation, and our ability to deal with life’s difficulties. However, it does not result in freedom from them – a transcendence whereby we are no longer tied to conditions to feel happy, secure, loved or at peace. This sort of change is really only temporary, because it is still associated with a conditioned identity that will continue to create problems and suffering in more subtle and creative ways.

What I am pointing to here is a greater power, a deeper solution that frees us from the whole conditioned identity. Whether we know it yet or not, this is what we are seeking. What we truly want is freedom from the condition that creates our suffering in the first place. When you use the mind or ego, it is like rearranging furniture in a prison cell in order to make it more comfortable. When you enter awareness – pure consciousness – you leave the prison cell altogether. In fact, you see that there never was a prison to start with! The prison was just a projection of the mind.

It is the liberating power of awareness that can offer the greatest help during these times of trauma or unease. Not only can it aid you at a ‘personal’ level to regain a sense of peace and trust in life, but it can be extended to others, enabling a greater solidarity and capacity for us to unite in the aftermath of tragedy.

As you awaken more to your own essence, you become a field of peace and love – you shine as this peace and love. You also become a presence of true compassion, capable of extending this deeper awareness into other people’s lives. You become the presence of a deeper vibration that affects the whole at the unseen level, but at a very real level – the level in which we truly are all ONE and in which true peace is known. This is the type of help that is all-reaching, unhindered by physical distance or limited conditions, connecting of all people in all places – the true harbinger of peace, wellbeing and happiness.

This article was first published in the Inner Self Magazine Issue No 25


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