Isira : a short biography

Isira is a global peace ambassador. Her role is to inspire humanity to reclaim their own greater potential of wisdom, love, peace and compassion.

Isira is one of the modern world’s spiritual masters. She has been teaching meditation and inspiring self-realisation for over 20 years.

She is a leader and teacher of human consciousness – a living example to us all of our common human spirit, our uniting power of truth, wisdom of love and higher potential. Isira is inter-faith and inter-spirit. She speaks from the heart of all religions, and all are welcomed. Her teaching unifies science, religion, social and cultural differences, and personal development – in the context of peace within the collective whole.

Global Peace Ambassador

Isira is active in peace work.

Recent peace-building activities 2005-2008

  • Speaker/presenter at Art for Peace at Manly and at NSW Parliament House 2008
  • One of six international teachers interviewed for a documentary film: Awakening Now.
  • Key speaker for “What is Enlightenment?” Forum – The Theosophical Society of Sydney2007
  • Principal meditation presenter of inaugural National Rain Day 8 May 2007, lawns of Parliament House, Canberra
  • Keynote speaker at Global Peace Meditation Day Sydney 20 May 2007, hosted by The Club of Budapest, Australia.
  • Harmony Day presenter at Sydney high school 2006
  • Key presenter & speaker and presenter at the World Spirit Forum, Arosa, Switzerland 2005
  • Appointed advisor to The Children of the Earth NGO and the World Youth Spirit 2005
  • Forums for programmes and facilitation in youth leadership, peace empowerment and conflict resolution.
  • Appointed Peace Ambassador: Apeadu Peace Centre, Ghana.
  • Founded and opened the first peace centre in Nigeria in 2005.
  • Facilitator and advisor for aboriginal and multicultural affairs-various forums
  • Key note speaker and opening of ceremonies for Australian peace festivals.

Helping to awaken humanity

With a great love for all beings, Isira has worked extensively in a variety of humanitarian fields for over 20 years.

Isira sees her life as an entire devotion to help others awaken to conciousness – to discover the freedom and truth of the Divine through self-mastery. At the core of her teachings lies the transformation of consciousness, an awakening that she sees is the next essential step for humanity to evolve. An essential aspect of this awakening consists in transcending our un-conscious and ego-based identity. This is a prerequisite not only for true individual happiness but also for the transcendence of our world’s endemic violence and conflict. Through her immense compassion and dedication to serving others Isira now travels extensively sharing her light, love and laughter to inspire us all into greater awareness.

Her life is devoted to inspiring others to remember their own love, empowerment, truth and peace, through:

  • experiential programs and meditation retreats
  • Satsang (being in Presence),
  • talks
  • private consultations

As an author and facilitator of educational programs for humanitarian and peace development Isira provides programs such as:

  • The Presence
  • WisdomHeart
  • The R-E-A-L Life Process
  • Self-Mastery

Through her own experiences and realisation, Isira offers insights and methods beyond conceptual teachings to lead the participant into experiencing the true self, The Presence that they are.

As speaker, writer and musician

Isira has been invited as a guest speaker in many religious, philosophical and spiritual affairs by government and private educational institutions, aboriginal communities, radio interviewers, theosphical societies and world forums.

Her published work includes:

  • Autobiography –: A Journey Of Awakening – The remarkable story of Isira’s enlightening and inspiring life
  • Words of One – a book of insights for the spiritual and everyday journey
  • Awaken to Self, Power of the Horizon, Bowls of Peace – CDs for meditation
  • Children, Parenting and Spirituality – DVD of practical parenting ideas within the context of universal truths and principles

The vast body of work she has given through public talks and intensives is currently being made available through CD/DVD recordings, transcripts, books and her autobiography.

Isira also writes, plays and sings her own piano and guitar compositions and songs of the heart, which are much loved by those who attend her events.

Awakening and transcendence

Born and raised on what the indigenous call Kaurna land in South Australia, Isira began her path of awakening at the age of 4 when she experienced spontaneous meditative states, and practised yoga without training or outside knowledge. Her early life suddenly and consistently displayed heightened psychic, artistic, healing and clairvoyant faculties, which naturally led to ascetic practices.

Isira’s commitment to her spiritual path began with a vow of life devotion for the peace and awakening of humanity at the age of 18. Her path to enlightened empowerment unfolded over the next ten years as she took to seclusion for self- reflection. During this time she also studied, worked with and was recognised by masters around the globe, with initiation in:

  • Tibetan yoga of consciousness
  • Initiation and ordination with His Holiness Dalai Lama
  • Indian yoga of body, mind and spirit
  • ancient earth rites of Native American, Aboriginal Australian and African Eldership

During these intense trainings and enquiries Isira came to understand that all teachings pointed to the same essence and that this could only be fully known and embodied through the authenticity of each individual’s process.

Between the ages of 27 and 30 she experienced the sudden illuminations and transcendental states of awareness through awakening. Consequently she realized that her life’s mission is to serve all beings with the light and love she discovered within her direct path of Self-Realisation.


Although Isira is of the generation of the ‘fair’ indigeneous, her aboriginality is recognised and acknowledged by the aboriginal communities. She is now re-united with her bloodline as a Mirning woman.

Working with elders she continues to be a voice to bridge understanding between aboriginal and non-aboriginal people, and to bring forward the ancient indigeneous wisdom for a universal understanding.

Isira blessing the waters at the Whale Dreaming Festival at Terrigal (NSW) on 24 September 2006

Isira about her indigenous heritage:

“Given the sensitivity around indigenous identity and the ambiguity that is so often associated with it, I naturally understand that many people find this aspect about me doubtful or questionable. In many cases people simply choose not to believe it.

Whilst, for most of my family’s life the issue was something that remained only a slight suspicion: for me it was a very strong intuition.

It wasn’t until my grandmother was close to death that she chose to reveal our secret heritage to my uncle. And, he stayed quiet about it until only a couple of years ago. From there my cousin decided to do the family research. So we are now fortunate to have the historical factual evidence that indeed we do have aboriginal heritage.

I choose to make reference to this for spiritual and humanitarian reasons. I have always felt a profound spiritual connection to my aboriginality and my ancestors. And, I believe as humans we should be comfortable and proud of our roots. So this is not about me saying… ‘Look at me, I am aboriginal’. It is about me acknowledging and expressing my deepest respect for my ancestry. I make this statement with full acknowledgement equally of my family’s diverse heritage: Welsh, Spanish, Celtic, Germanic and Aboriginal. I believe it is of great value for us all to acknowledge our heritage and the unique beauty of all our historical threads. It naturally enriches us as humans and reminds us that we are all so much more than just this small part of life here and now.

But, above all, I consider myself to be infinite spirit, a being of consciousness, with a body: that is also part of life’s wonderfully rich, infinite history. I am spirit having a wonderful human experience.”