As with all work for a greater cause, it requires significant funding. We embrace this as a fundamental and integral part of creating and providing service. We also understand that it is one of the ways others can collectively input, putting the energy of money towards a cause to benefit the greater whole.

Any contribution you are able to make to Isira and Living Awareness, so that we can continue this service, is greatly appreciated. You can do this in a number of ways:


  • Click donate here, and securely and easily pay via credit card or your Pay Pal account.
  • Deposit money into our bank account, just send an email to and we will advise you our bank details.
  • Via credit card, just send an email to with your phone number and we will contact you to organise.

Please note that any contribution you make is a gift to Isira and Living Awareness and is not tax deductible as we do not have a charity status as yet.

Thank you

“There is a lot that goes into creating the space and the vehicle to give people a deeper experience of meaning. The hours of computer work, filing, managing people and data, phone calls, writing, meetings, etc are all part of the creation. All of these actions are integral to the gift. Each of these things involves the energy and input of time and money. And all of these actions are seva. That’s why even the most mundane activities can become actions of greater meaning and joy. When there is a greater cause behind each action even the most mundane act can be filled with joy and purpose. Then everything we do is filled with meaning and our life is lifted up to a greater level of happiness and fulfilment.” Isira.