Heart letter 21 – meditation: the conscious trance



Many people don’t believe they can meditate. Some people feel they don’t meditate ‘properly’ – or that even though they are sitting quietly they are not really in a meditative state. Others feel they simply don’t go deep enough.

To start with I would like to clarify something. Meditation is not an act, an action or an event. It is a state of being – quite possibly brought about by an action or event.

Firstly, everyone experiences a natural phenomena regularly throughout the day that is very close to the meditative state. It’s called trance.

Yes, throughout the day we all move in and out of ‘trance’ or hypnotic states – states in which you may feel zoned out or  deeply relaxed. During these moments your subconscious or the ‘unconscious’ mind is doing the work.

For example, how many times do you remember driving home from work or the shops to pull up at your house only to realise you didn’t even remember the trip! That is trance.

This happens regularly and in various ways because it is a natural part of our neurological functioning. – we simply do not have to be aware of the workings of every single detail of our life.

For example – right now, as you read this, your unconscious mind is taking care of millions of signals from neurons to nerves to cells to organs, to body, to mind and usually you are not even aware of it – and you don’t need to be for it to perform the most extraordinary orchestration of intelligent life functions. Yet right now, because you have just focussed on this, your conscious mind has made a link to this realm of deep conscious activity.

It is also true that during ‘trance’ states people are mostly in a type of non-selective hypnosis. This means, that without realising it – or consciously choosing it, the subconscious is constantly absorbing various suggestions, signals, thought patterns and beliefs from the surrounding environment. This makes up a large amount of the unconscious belief patterns and behaviours that most people would prefer to be free of!


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