heart letter no.8 – a more conscious love

Greetings to you all,

Amid all the ongoing natural disasters and social and political chaos, it is interesting to observe an event that reflects humanity’s belief and hope in things more enchanting. I am referring of course to the Royal Wedding.

Curious, I decided to turn on the television – not a usual choice – to watch. What struck me was the shared sense of hope, anticipation, fascination and even obsession. It was a very real human affair yet, in this case, the common ritual of marriage was elevated to an exalted position.

As I watched I couldn’t help but feel a sense of irony… that perhaps most people are so enamoured by the whole event because it reflects their own deep hope and inner fantasy of the fairy tale union. I do not say this in any way to denigrate the royal family or the solemn act of commitment and faith in their union made by Prince William and The Duchess Katherine.

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