heart letter no.7 – microcosm macrocosm: creating a unified life


Having already explored the core symptoms of humanity’s disconnection from spirit, we can see that every condition we encounter is intertwined with every other condition. We can see that the cause of all suffering and fear is due to our perceived disconnection. We also recognise that in every instance, no matter what type of problem we are facing, there is one certain solution. That is regaining an awake or aware connection with our innermost being – our self that is pure consciousness… our eternal Self.

For aeons however, it has most often been considered that this Self is something beyond what we are… something other than the very living presence that is us. This Self has been seen as transcendent and therefore the elusive subject of debates and seeking. Yet, when we drop our concepts and projections, when we rest deep in our own centre, when we are simply open conscious presence, we know that there is nothing but beingness. And this beingness is our living self in this very moment. This beingness is here.

The entire universe is this field of beingness in this very moment as you read this, and in every moment. We are not separate from it. We, you, me, this body, this ‘individual’ human expression is an integral aspect of the all. Every molecule is oscillating in vibration with the entire universe.

There is no beyond, there is only here, the infinitely small, infinitely great and utterly demanding present.

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