heart letter no.5 – Environment… how YOU are a key to renewed earth harmony

Hello everyone,

I began this series with a reference to the originating cause of conflict from which all our other issues in life arise.

In the last four letters I covered relationships, health and money and offered specific insights about a central cause of the challenges we face. That central cause – our sense of dis-connection from our true being that is Oneness – leads us through a spiral of behaviours. It starts with those that are most central to us individually and gradually ripples out to those which are part of the bigger collective environment.

Each of these can always be traced back to that same originating cause. And, as we explore the layers of symptoms we discover an order of progression. We can watch the spectrum of human disorders flowing from one dis-connected state to the next. Each of the issues we face can be traced back to a former issue… until of course we come back to the central cause again.

We can either work our way back through the layers or we can put our attention into the root cause. Either way, it is about returning our awareness to our true nature. Each symptom is the opportunity for us to regain a connection with our true nature.

So if we consider the symptoms that come from our sense of separation we see a natural sequence. From perceived separation – we see other: inside/outside, me/you. This is how relationship issues emerge. With relationship issues the layers of emotional re-action and contraction build into a state of dis-ease and disharmony in the body-mind, manifesting as illness. This further highlights the sense of disharmony in spirit and a perceived state of lack.

From this state of lack our relationship with energy and resources such as money become an issue as we attempt to resolve our sense of conflict with more material means. As we continue to struggle with a distorted relationship with money/energy our underlying unconscious belief in lack continues to grow. As our suffering grows we fall deeper into ignorance – a lack of understanding of our true nature and our connection WITH nature. The gap we have fallen into seems to grow ever wider.

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