heart letter no.3 – health, re-discovering our whole self

Hello everyone,

One of my favourite regular activities is to take a walk along the seafront. It’s a leisure that most of us enjoy, but many of us can’t seem to achieve. Why? We either feel simply not well enough or live a life of denying ourselves such wholesome activities, in spite of being aware of the simple values a small stroll and fresh air can bring us. One of the locals I pass along my way however is astutely aware of these benefits: evident by his constant hail to every passer-by… “Your health is your wealth”!

Yes… our health IS our wealth. What can we do or enjoy without it?

And why, when we understand this, do we ignore some of the most fundamental basics for health and well-being?

Despite all the knowledge we have about creating or supporting a healthy lifestyle, we still sabotage ourselves by compulsively driven opposing habits.

So, what is it that drives this? Where does the shift from wholesome well-being begin?

Our spiral of dis-ease all begins with our perceived disconnection from Spirit. We live in a perpetually dis-oriented state.

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