heart letter no.12 – carpe diem – with awareness

Heart letter – carpe diem – with awareness!


All too often people reach the end of their life only to look back at all the moments missed. Life is either empty from too much procrastination, or a burden from too many regretful acts.

John Keates said: Carpe diem – seize the day. This is a wonderful phrase uttered not often enough perhaps… or even grasped all too readily without any conscience.

It seems most people are stuck at either end of this dance; living a life that is either reckless or one that is sorely absent. Somewhere in between there is gold to be found.

In the centre of our life, in the living moment, is a renewable treasure, if only we can be present enough to grasp it.

The trick is to live as if you may die in the next hour yet learn to act as if you were going to live forever.

On the one hand we are to give our self fully to each moment, on the other, we must do so with great conscience – with the awareness that every thought and every action matters for the rest of our life… for eternity. There are implications, consequences, for every single thought and act. Each one will surely ripple through the living tapestry of the now to shape the fabric of the future.


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