Heart letter 31 – a messenger for growth


When we consider what makes us distinctly human one of the first things we notice is ‘self awareness’. And if we look more closely at what we are being aware of we see ‘emotion’. Yet, despite moments of elevation, our emotions remain the most challenging, puzzling and frustrating aspect of our humanness. Emotions are a whole language in themselves. They are archetypal and collective by nature. They are both the language of the soul and the ego – the latter being that which often times leads us astray.

Either way, each emotion is a message for you – a signal from your soul, or a reflection of your conditioned mind. If you do not pay attention to the signal, another will come. And if you ignore that, the message will get louder. These messages are important. Your soul, and your subconscious, will not let you forget it. Whenever you ignore or suppress these emotions you disable your ability to live in a state of clarity. When you look at emotions as obstacles, you miss the signpost that points you along the way for growth – ultimately to thrive. Emotions contain some of the most important information about you: what and how you are being in relation to the rest of life.


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