Heart letter 30 – the space for clarity




A while ago I shared with you all an important distinction – the difference between mind and conscious intelligence (see Heart Letter 11 – a question of intelligence).

Today I would like to remind you of a very simple tool that will ALWAYS help YOU know and understand the difference in your self:


Ok – this is nothing new (truth actually never is).

This tool is always relevant, in fact crucial, to our process of establishing more aware conscious presence and re-creating the space for peace.

Once you master witnessing you will always be able to determine if the activity in your thoughts is arising from mental clutter or from the clarity of conscious intelligence.

As a little reminder here are a few of the distinguishing characteristics (between mind and conscious intelligence) again:


When operating in the past the mind is remembering, identifying, comparing, associating, doubting, fearing, mistrusting etc.

When it is operating in the future it is anticipating, expecting, imagining, guessing, hoping, planning, supposing etc.

The mind operates in terms of yesterday and tomorrow.

Intelligence does not think. When intelligence is operating you are free from mental conditioning, you are present… in the now.

Intelligence operates when you are sensing (looking, listening, feeling, tasting, smelling) or attending, discerning, cognising and witnessing – or being aware.


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