Heart letter 29 – recognising the ego



Throughout the spiritual journey we are all faced with the conditions of the ego. This is something generally well understood yet still remains the real ground of the ‘work’.

Our ability to recognize the behaviours and patterns of the ego remains one of the most important tools to continue the process of transformation.

It also gives us the ability to make more aware choices and take more conscious action.

Following is an outline of some of the key behaviours and patterns to keep an eye out for.

  • Living from fear based beliefs
  • Seeing self as separate from others and life
  • Seeing self as above or below others
  • Thinking from an ‘if’, ‘should’ or ‘shouldn’t’ basis
  • Blaming, judging, complaining, gossiping, accusing.
  • Being attached to emotions, possessions or opinions, resisting or rejecting and being defensive
  • Generalising people and or things with a formed opinion
  • Projecting opinions when uninvited
  • Needing to be right and using it as a power play
  • Expecting or demanding recognition for something you did and being upset if you don’t get it

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