Heart letter 28 – Our natural connection



The journey of awakening is both wonderful and mysterious. But it is also something very natural. In fact, in the truest sense it is a re-awakening to our most natural state, both at an inner and an outer level.

This means we must regularly go within to undo mental conditions and regain access to our authentic Self that is purely aware and intelligent consciousness. It also means we must regain a state of harmony with our external environment.

Perhaps the most direct way to do this is to get back in touch with nature. When we do, we undo our attachment to ‘things’ and the plethora of non-essential ‘doings’. We get back in touch with our self – not just as an ‘individual’ – but as an unfolding creation. We, and, the universe, is not a collection of objects or definitions, but rather a communion of beingness.

Waking up is a return to the greater conscious agreement with and participation in the astonishing dreaming and creating of the entire universe.

It is about a letting go of the confinement of our conditions and fears that constructed such a ‘little me’.

The great realisation is that the loss of the little self, through the wonder of letting reality all the way in, is the discovery of the greater Self – the whole, eternal, infinite Self.

Nature supports us in this very discovery.

In fact, the more we cut ourself off from the natural world, the more we confine ourself to the ‘little me’. And, likewise, the more we commune with nature, the more we expand our view and relating with life. The more expansive we are the more inclusive we can be, to the point that we truly realise there really is no boundary between our ‘individual’ self and the entire universe.

Re-connecting with nature can lead us to this ultimate great re-awakening. Yet along the way it brings us even more benefits as it nurtures us and guides us into a more natural and harmonious state.

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