Heart letter 27 – the story framing




We all know a few good stories, and we all know the power of a good story. But what about the power of humanity’s stories? What about the power of the stories that have shaped us?

Stories are fundamental in our life experience. They are what provide and create the framing of our life – and hence – the stories we tell our self shape our experience at every level of our existence.

Take the ego for example: it is one great big collective of stories!

What about the reasons behind your frustrations: why you procrastinate, or think you ‘can’t’, or think you ‘should’, or… simply ‘think’ this or that?

Taking a deeper look at the underlying stories you hold, have heard or identify with, can be powerfully transforming. It can provide a clear understanding about the how’s, why’s and what’s that most often seem to block you from living and being all you feel you are or can be.

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