Heart letter 24 – ForGIVENESS


We all recognise that peace is a desire common to us all. Likewise, this desire reflects the underlying challenge that is common to nearly every person as well; the task to overcome judgements and attain a state of love and acceptance for all.

Inherently this relates to the journey of forgiveness. Yet mostly forgiveness implies there is a judgement of a wrong doing that must somehow be overlooked – and, with enough grace, forgiven and ultimately truly transcended. Whether it be in relation to oneself, to personal or worldly circumstances or to another person, it can often times seem an onerous task.

However, if we understand what forgiveness is in relation to consciousness we can open ourselves to the journey with greater spiritual resolve and true grace.

Ultimately forgiveness occurs when we transcend the judgments we once had, when we see with the heart of consciousness into the true nature of ‘our/other’ actions and as such attain a state of true understanding and acceptance. In that moment we realise that whatever may have caused conflict or pain was really a call to return to love. It was about a journey of shifting from unconscious perceptions and actions to those that are conscious. This is when we realise that, all the while, forgiveness has been FOR giving! For GIVING love!

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