Heart letter 23 – living in beauty


A while ago I shared an ‘inspiration’ as a reminder that we are all creating and building something in our life.  We spend every day in ‘built’ environs. Whether at work or at home – what has been built is a reflection of our inner world. As we look around today we can see that often times humanity is driven by shallow measures, creating buildings that reflect ego based motivations – places that seem to be uninspired, suffocating and even depressing.

So it is worth considering the most significant of environs – our own home.

Although the place you live in may not be a place you built – you have created an atmosphere within it.

What is important to note is that we are constantly affected by our environment. Our subconscious is continuously responding to the world that surrounds us. Either our environment is one that reflects signals of comfort, peace, harmony and inspiration or one that reflects otherwise – perhaps even signals that are stressful and draining.

Every day you are affected by the environment of your home. Even your moods will be significantly dictated by your surroundings. Naturally we are drawn to various furnishings to enhance or improve our sense of comfort and well-being.

However what we may not realise is that often times we are ‘unconsciously’ motivated. These unconscious motivations can be reflected in some of the choices we have made – perhaps the way we have built our home – or the home we chose to buy or rent – or the way we have designed, decorated and arranged our living space.


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