Heart letter 20 – the abundant self

Namaste and joyful greetings to you,

Life is, inherently, abundant. By its very nature, all things are present – within the one life. That means that essentially there is never anything missing.

Yet the perception of lack seems to be the default perception of most people.

Largely it is due to a lack of present awareness: the state in which the individual is centered consciously in the ‘nowness’ of life. When the individual is centred in the mind, life is viewed through images, impressions and filters of the mind – all segmented views of life. That means life is viewed both in partial terms and in non-nowness terms. The mind is focused on impressions of the past or imaginings of the future. Very often an individual may think they are engaging in the moment yet what is encountered is first influenced and filtered through the vast array of these stored impressions.

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