Heart letter 19 – the eternal dawn within



Just yesterday our Living Awareness team gathered in meditation and shared the insights that arose within that space. For one Beloved there was a sense of newness – like a new dawn.

This is indeed one of the beautiful qualities that may be discovered in our inner most essence. Here, deep within, is an ever present newness… always available, always fresh and vital, carrying us forever in the now.

However, it is easy to lose sight of this eternal dawn. We¬† lose sight of the newness of each moment in the world. We forget to empty out and open up to the emptiness that is deep in the heart of our soul… an emptiness from which all emerges, new and reformed
in each living moment.

We lose sight of this subtle beauty partly because of our disconnection to nature. We have lost touch with the natural cycles of life that we are moved by and a part of.



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