Heart letter 18 – wellness is in your hands


Over the last few years and recent months I have been aware of many individuals with severe health issues. Among them have been several women with breast cancer. My mother was one of them.

Having already gone through a terminal health condition many years ago I understand the impact this can have, not just on the individual, but on the family and friends that surround them.

I consider myself fortunate to have undergone the experience I did. In many respects it gave me the opportunity to put into practice what I knew and understood at an innate level – and what I had been ‘teaching’ for years.

During the course of the ‘illness’ I was consciously present to the deeply held energies that were part of my family’s lineage – and also that of the human collective. That awareness was both liberating and fascinating. It gave me an even deeper conviction in what I knew was necessary to live a life of full wellness. It gave me a direct conscious connection to my own deepest transformative power. It gave me the way to step up and beyond the energies and trails of beliefs that were part of the family I had come through. It gave me the Self born authority to step fully into alignment with myself – not just as consciousness – but as a physical being.

There are two primary factors involved in this stepping up. One is about consciousness. The other is about physical enactment.


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