Heart letter 16 – the Bindhu


In the last heart letter I reflected on the importance of undoing all that has been learned. And, as a ‘negating’ process, it is witnessing that cultivates the space for true transformation, leading us to greater awakening
and awareness of Truth.

Fundamental to the process of awakening is our ability to become the observer.

‘Witnessing awareness’ is the one common and constant factor involved in our awakening to the true nature of our self: the ability to cultivate a deep inner stillness and awareness of Truth.

This factor is underpinned by the truth that what we seek is not something we have to make, but what we already are, underneath the noise of the mind.

There are various methods we can use to access and cultivate our witnessing power.

Once we do, we are able to rest into a profound state of Presence.

To connect with this presence you can focus the mind on a special point at the back of the head. To find this point follow the midline down from the top of your crown about a hand-width down. This energy
centre is referred to as the Bindu.

By letting the mind focus here it is easy to let go of dialogue, access the witnessing state and experience an expansion into pure conscious awareness.

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