Heart letter 15 – from the quest for Truth to the awareness of Truth

Heart letter 15 –  from the quest for Truth to the awareness of Truth



In the last heart letter I shared with you some principles about the difference between the mind and true intelligence. Now I would like to share with you a distinction between truth and the ‘quest’ for truth.

To many the quest for ‘Truth’ is intimately tied to the idea of all that is positive. You may feel that if you are moving closer to Truth that your life should be happier or more positive. However, Truth itself already IS
positive. It is the sum totality of positivity – not as polarsied (opposite to negative) – but rather as that which is complete and therefor contains no negative perception.

You cannot add anything to Truth, nor does it need to be created… it is simply to be rediscovered. And that is what we really mean when we talk about the quest for Truth.

The quest is the process of the individual returning their full awareness to that which already is. But, in terms of a process, this quest is not a ‘positive’ one. It is ‘negative’. It is not about adding something to your self – or making your self better with more Truth – or being more positive – because in your deepest essence you already are all that is True… all that is positive!

Rather it is about a process of undoing the behaviours or conditions that keep you blinded to this Truth. It is a deconstruction. That process inevitably highlights everything that feels negative. And, it is actually a negating
process. Everything that has been accumulated – that is false – is to be negated. Not with the mind – but with awareness.  The mind is incapable of this task because the mind is so directly related to the stories you hold on to.


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