heart letter no. 2 – From relationship to relating

Hello everyone,

In the last letter I presented a brief insight regarding the nature of our global breakdown and its central underlying cause. I also made reference to the single most vital key that will provide the way forward for a better life and a better world.

To understand this more deeply it helps us to recognise core issues that are manifested due to the misperception of separation: the perceived disconnection from spirit/source.

This sense of disconnection underlies EVERY issue we endure as individuals and as a human race. We feel dislocated in ourselves and in life. We have a distorted perception of our whole experience. All that we experience is interpreted through our perceptions. These perceptions then lead us to experience what we think. As we experience what we think we make it our belief system. From our belief system we continue to think and act in ways that shape our entire experience of life.

As we perceive we believe, as we believe we think, as we think we imagine, as we imagine we behave, as we behave we have… exactly what we imagined to be.

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