heart letter no.6 – Community … how do we create harmonious community?


Recently it has become glaringly obvious to us all that our world is undergoing a passage of major upheaval… evident in the shock we collectively face as we undergo natural disasters and social upheaval. Within this upheaval are revelations about our social infrastructure – valuable signs for us to recognise and understand more deeply.

Our system of living is primarily based on separation, exclusion and dictatorship… even in the guise of democracy. This state of separateness is evident in the disconnection we have from each other at large: emotionally, spiritually, physically and monetarily.

For example, while we in developed countries live in veritable comfort, much of the world’s population is in poverty. A study by the World Institute for Development Economics Research at United Nations University reports that “the richest 1% of adults alone owned 40% of global assets in the year 2000, and that the richest 10% of adults accounted for 85% of the world total. The bottom half of the world adult population owned barely 1% of global wealth.”

This is typical statistical evidence of the disparity between our human communities.

Individuals struggle to feel a sense of purpose and are increasingly challenged by personal issues such as domestic violence, economic struggle or health crisis. We are thwarted by disempowerment; we lack the virtues of self-responsibility, generosity, empathy and big-picture global thinking. We are sadly lacking in conscious behaviours.

As a collective we are still at war. We cannot agree on political or religious policies that will support and unify us as one human family. Failing to encourage self-discipline or self-awareness, our society has problems in every sector of living.

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