Buddha on the Dance Floor

Buddha on the Dance Floor book cover


Isira’s highly sought after autobiography has been re-released with the new title Buddha on the Dance Floor.

Available now in paperback and ebook formats.




From the back cover:
This is the memoir of an extraordinary life.
Isira writes about a little girl born into an ordinary family in South Australia, already experiencing higher states of consciousness and feeling confused by her unfamiliar surroundings. Where did I really come from? she asks. Experiences of spontaneous meditation and yoga as a toddler gave rise to a life as a mystical adventurer with only one goal: to know the Truth.
Few have travelled the path of true enlightenment. Fewer still have written the story down in such depth and detail for the benefit of fellow-travellers. And so Buddha on the Dance Floor offers rare insight and encouragement, revealing what is possible for each of us if we but choose it.

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