The Power of RESPONSE: direction and perception

Heart Letter from Isira

The Power of RESPONSE: direction and perception

Hello everyone,

Lately I have noticed more people having a dialogue about manifestation. The general principle being ‘how we think creates what we experience’. Interestingly most of the focus is on ‘the what’ we experience.

But what if the experience we are having is not so much about the ‘what’ – but rather about HOW we experience the ‘what’? What if our real creative power is in being able to consciously respond to everything – the things we call good and the things we call bad? What if our true joy isn’t in being able to somehow magically control the universe through our thinking so that we only experience the objects and circumstances we want? What if our true joy is in being able to master the way we respond to every circumstance irrespective of what it is?

Are we really going to experience a terrible world upheaval because we have all been focused on our fears? Or is the experience of world upheaval simply because it is one of the cycles of life? Did all of the Buddhist monks who focused and meditated on compassion somehow fail? Were the violent invasions by China the evidence that actually the monks were really focusing on violence? Or is it possible that the monks were simply part of a process and that they were able to still embody peace because they mastered the art of HOW they responded to the circumstance?

As humans we spend a lot of time trying to work out the right formula for perception in an effort to control our life direction. But what if life’s direction is already its own being? What if the grand master of illusion, our ego, has just conjured up another one: that we somehow have control over reality through our thoughts?

What if we are simply able to experience each situation of life because it is going to occur anyway? What if it is already created before we even had any thoughts about it and our idea about focusing on it to create it, is really just an echo effect? And, even if our thoughts are linked to what we create, what about the things that are bigger than our thoughts alone? What if the only true direction we can take charge of is HOW we perceive the situation: how we RESPOND?

Firstly, this could be profoundly confronting to the ego.

Secondly, it could be profoundly liberating from the ego. Liberating because it would release us from an enormous task to somehow change the shape and nature of reality; and liberating because it puts us in a more realistic position.

This is realistic because we cannot change what is happening as it is happening – but we certainly can choose HOW we see it and respond to it. And according to this, our experience will be determined.

I was on a flight once that encountered a ferocious storm. I am pretty sure that everyone on that flight would have thought at least once that the plane was going to go down. The aircraft was being violently thrown around. As I looked around the cabin I could see that every person aboard was terrified, including the flight staff and my travel assistant – everyone except me. I felt very calm, intrigued, and actually entertained by the situation. In fact I even had the thought “Hmmm… well… how about this… if this is it… wow… what an exciting way to go down!”

Why was I so calm and even enjoying the moment? Because I was surrendered to the moment. My response arose from a state of acceptance.

I was free of resistance, control or rejection. I didn’t have a problem with what was happening. I didn’t think “Why me… why is this happening… what did I do to deserve this?” or “Oh dear, I must have failed with all my attempts at positive thinking”. I just experienced the moment with full presence and clear awareness. That awareness did not project any opinion – it simply participated with what was happening. That state of awareness is what masters know as ‘clear perception’. In practice this is often referred to as ‘witnessing’. However clear perception involves witnessing AND responding.

There are three central dynamics of perception. 1/ positive perception – 2/ negative perception and 3/ clear perception.

Most people have the notion that the game of manifestation is about using the powers of positive perception. There is a problem with this. Even though we may influence our life to some degree by focusing in a way that we move towards our preferred goals – we keep ourselves tied in a conditional loop: our happiness remains conditional to the circumstances. And the truth is that the game of manifestation includes all perceptions and all the dynamics of creation – creative and destructive. In other words we are still going to encounter ‘good’ things AND ‘bad’ things.

Yet according to which perception we focus with most, we will cultivate the corresponding experiences. With positive perception we experience more temporal/conditional happiness. With negative perception we experience more temporal/conditional suffering. With clear perception we experience true and lasting happiness, freedom, love and peace.

So where do we get more of this ‘clear perception’?

You guessed it: meditation!

The more you meditate and make your life meditative the more you rest into the aware self which is clear perception. Simple, really. True happiness, peace, love and freedom really can be found within, through meditation. Simply surrender the attachment to the polarity of positive versus negative perception. Simply surrender to the awareness in the centre of each moment and revel in the wonder that is already here. Become the master of your every response and you will realise true and lasting happiness.

With love,

From life to life,