The Other World Power

Heart Letter from Isira

The Other World Power

We all know we are living in a world of extensive and rapid change. Perhaps what is startling however is that most people would consider the changes we face to be ominous, overwhelming and somewhat daunting. Since much of the change we are facing is about us this can seem even more challenging. If we lived in a ‘perfect’ world, all of this change would seem positive and for the good of the whole of humanity.

Although our world is perfect in the universal sense; relative to our visions and ideals for a world of wellbeing, peace, equality and harmony, it seems far from it. Much of the change that seems negative is the result of (and manipulated by) people, corporations and governments motivated by the desire for greed and power.

During these troubled times, the concept of world peace may seem to be an unlikely outcome. Yet if we feel we are powerless to achieve a positive influence on world conflict, we have in a way resigned our self to the situation. This lack of power is born of our limited perceptions to start with. Our lack of power results in a lack of motivation which cultivates apathy. It is our lack of action (apathy) that allows such conditions to continue unabated.

What is happening here is what I call the mountain syndrome. The mountain appears too enormous to scale. Yet by setting out with the right attitude, one step at a time, standing on the peak becomes our reality.

So if we are to move towards world peace we must ask our self what is within our measure? What is the step that will get us started?

In one simple word, and in one simple attitude, it is


Not only is this our individual power… it is our collective power. In fact it is the link to world peace. With acts of kindness we create more positive, sharing and loving links between ourselves, each other and all of life. This connectivity is at the heart of peace – individually and collectively.

Despite great greed and corruption in the world there is a great amount of kindness. Recently, studies have indicated that kindness is at the heart of most people. When asked what makes people happiest, over 80% said ‘acts of kindness’.

If we look closely we will see we already have the right ingredients… and the motivation for kindness. With current global events of tragedy and social upheaval we have observed that when faced with great trauma a wave of solidarity moves through people. Great power is generated when citizens of the world unite in a common cause. The power we are witnessing is kindness. People are mobilised and uniting to extend help in every possible way.  This phenomena has been recently dubbed “the other world power.” This refers directly to ‘people power’. We have witnessed the presence of this force throughout our history in events such as the peace marches of the Vietnam war, the ousting of despots, the WTO demonstrations, the boxing day Tsunami, the Japan earthquakes and the Australian floods.

The clue now is for us to recognise this inherent power and put it to greater effect in our everyday lives – not to wait for tragedy to strike before we extend its power.

Creating such an outcome is easier than we might think.

Initially however, we must realise that each person, as an individual, has within their grasp, the ability to positively influence any negative condition.

No single one of us is powerless unless we choose to give our power away.

You have the ability to effect positive change in the world.


We all do.

When this truth is realised, we can more effectively consider how to extend the power of kindness. We can adjust and arrange our lives to express kindness in various ways. For example, we can easily make it our intention to be more caring, loving, attentive, courteous and helpful. It is also important to regularly re-assess our moral values and ethics, ensuring we follow and act in accordance with our highest principles.

Even when we find our own life challenging, we are still capable of offering a smile or a hug and finding something to do – whether large or small – for another person. Each one of us has the capability to be kind, it is simply a matter of making it a priority in our life. All we need do is remember to extend acts of kindness more often.

We should all be eager to be involved in acts of kindness: even scientific research tells us there are great advantages in doing so.  Kind and caring people are not only good to be around, they also feel good about themselves. We all admire kind people. It is also proven that when we see a kind act or are the recipient of a kind act, our faith in a better world is restored. But the benefits of being kind extend even further.

It is commonly agreed that altruism (selfless practise of kindness) behaves like a ‘miracle drug’. It has beneficial effects on the person giving help; it benefits the person who receives help; and it can stimulate healthy responses in people who may view it indirectly.

Several surveys involving thousands of volunteers have revealed that participating in regular, small acts of kindness is beneficial to your health, longevity and wellbeing. The benefits range from more positive mental, emotional and physical health to more successful lives in general. Making the decision to be a little kinder will bring more pleasure and direction to your life than ever before.  The challenge (for our world) is to have a sufficient number of people committed to kindness through daily actions.

Whether we realise it or not… we all carry the power to transform the world… to create a kindness revolution. One act of kindness has the power to ripple out and bring positive change to a thousand people. 7 million people acting kindly has the power to affect the entire population of the planet: 7 billion people. According to current statistics 3 million people have joined organisations committed to altruistic service… and the numbers are growing. In a world of looming change this is the most important thing we can all set our sights on… and be a part of.

May you embrace the power you have today: make it your commitment to achieve at least one act of kindness every day.

See you on the peak.


With loving warmth,