What level are you playing at? – Audio Download

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Have you noticed that when you are missing the glory of the moment. When you are missing the love that is already here within you, the story that you have been living by is repeated over and over?

Are you stuck in the habit of hoping that more definition and more story and repeating it over and over from all different angles is somehow going to lead to the realisation of Truth?

Do you assume that if you look at it from one more angle, if you just sit with that process for one more day, one more week, month or year it is somehow going to lead to Truth?

You know that’s not Truth.

What level are you playing at? What level are you referencing from? Are you referencing from the story, a definition, an idea of what you are, of what life is. Or are you referencing from your Being who is life,who is reality, who is seeing?

Now THAT is a totally different level to play at!

Recorded on 3rd July 2007 at Mosman, Sydney, Australia

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