Levels of consciousness (2 CD set) – Audio Download

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There are many levels of Consciousness we progress through naturally in the journey of awakening.

The first three levels weave into each other. What you call you sitting here in waking consciousness also folds in and out of dreaming which is the subconscious and deep sleep which is the unconscious state.

After the first three levels we have a shift. You start to become aware there is something more. You shift towards stillness, pausing, silence. For some people it can require sickness or loss to take them to this level, where they are forced to stop.

The levels after the fourth level move through

  • cosmic consciousness
  • divine consciousness
  • unity consciousness
  • then what can not be called a level, pure Source.

In these highly informative cd’s Isira explains each level and its associated values in detail so we can understand our journey.

Recorded on 14-18 November 2007( Extract from Presence retreat)at Katoomba, Blue Mountains,Australia

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